Nails ❤ Glitter swatching

Today is swatching post, featured by Sasatinnie, Splash, Color Combo & Eleanor =D
Let's take a look~

1) Eleanor ENP054
   --- Fine holographic glitter 
Swatching Eleanor ENP054 over Eleanor ENP016
So suitable for partyyyyyy =D 
I had done this to my friend's super short nails. They look incredibly cuteee!
2) Sasatinnie Super Dolly Fantasy Color G683
    --- Fine glitter of red and white mix
Swatching over Elianto 40 Twilight Zone
The glitter is too loose, I had to apply 3 thin coats to get this look.
Good thing is they dried fast. =)
 3) Splassh 33
     --- Loose dense mix of green, pink & silver glitter
Swatching over Essence Multi Dimension XXXL Shine 68 Perfectly True
Oh I can feel X'mas here! =D
4) Color Combo CTW504
    --- Fine gold glitter & Gold flakes
Swatching over Elianto 20 Rosewood
Both are my fav red polish and gold glitter polish =D
Yeah, I know I'm so chinese to this combination. This will totally on my nails during Chinese New Yea. Hahaaa 
My longest swatch post. 
Thanks for patient read until the end~

Which is your fav glitter nail polish? 
Do share with us! 

Until then, 

Take care and stay prettyyyy ❤


  1. I love your swatches!! I have the exact same gold one from Sasa but i haven't used it yet. It reminds me a lot of the new OPI James Bond collection 18k gold top coat, haha!

    1. Yup! And its wayyy cheaper Hehehehe