Nails ❤ Cold sensation

Finally the internet line be good to me and let me update on nail post. =D
Let's check out what's on my nails today ^_^
Nails of the day (NOTD) is something about cold and calm feel on nails by using Elianto nail polishes.
From left to right:
Elianto 02 White
Elianto 27 Turquoise

First I painted my nails with white base. Then dapped the turquoise and white on by using sponge. The mixing can adjust to personal favourite. Lastly smooth out the surface by apply a top coat.

Here is some pictures of my nails.
At the end of day, I drew a snowflakes on ring finger and topped up with holographic glitter nail polish.
From left to right:
Eleanor Nail Enamel ENP 054
Elianto 27 Turquoise
Elianto 02 White

These is how they look like. =) 
They look pretty refreshing for me since Perlis weather is so hot! 
Sadly my camera couldn't capture the snowflakes well. =/

I like this and it's going to stay on my nails until next swatching post.

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Until then,
Stay healthy and pretty!

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  1. I love glittering nail polish, canmake my nail looking good!