Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation?

It has always been a norm for my colleagues and I 
to eat simple food during lunch break 
we would always go for the cheapest food where not many people will go line and wait.
then quickly eat 
and then spend the rest of the time 
Shopping !
Yes, You have read it correctly .... Shopping 
and so 2 weeks ago 
Lia was asking 
"korang ada nak ke mana ke?"
(you guys want to go anywhere?)
and randomly I mentioned 
"jom ke Watsons nak tengok make up"
(lets go to watsons) 
I basically just wanted to see the pricing of different types of liquid foundation
wanted to try a drugstore one 
 initially told myself I'll only just go see and not buy.
I actually have already done my research and know roughly what I wanted
I swatched so much on my face I end up looking like a tigress hahaha... some are water proof which makes i t hard to remove. I had to muka tebal walk back to office and wash it with handsoap in the toilet
After browsing through several item and brand I gave in to the temptation and settled for this 
The Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hour Foundation in Soft Beige
(THANKS LIA for helping me picking out the perfect shade ! )
I wanted to try the matte finish haha because the price was slightly cheaper.
 But Lia and I both agree that the texture is feels so dry and rough 
she was like "rasa macam tak licin lar,yang ini okay sikit" hahaha
(doesn't feel soft, it's rough, the other one is way better)
I know this product has already been in the market for quite some time. But haha I'm a late bloomer. So that's why =) 
I'm suprised that I can get such perfectly match foundation in my shade for a drugtore brand.
this totally changed my view towards drugstore liquid foundation.
This is how it looks like.
It comes in a tube and is 30ml 

it doesn't comes with a pump . you basically just squeeze them out from the fat tube. 

The consistency is pretty runny or liquidy 
Thats how much i used for my whole face basically. 

Blends well with my skin tone. 

I started of with a bare face.
as you can see I actually have discoloration. Pretty bad one in fact. haha
Don't mind the lips. I actually went and applied my lip liner first before hand.
I don't know why but I always prefer it that way.

After applying 
Below are the results. 
Only used foundation, some light powder no concealer , blusher and eye shadow and mascara
(1) You can see that it's perfectly blended in and matched my skin tone. both neck and face 
(2) image taken indoor 
(3) Image taken near the window
(4) outdoor image

I left home at 10am and reached home around 11pm 
it's about 13 hours duration test
In between I ate and drink, I shop , I went for movies,  Traveled in LRT pushed my way through to check out new stuffs in malls and tried on clothes as well haha 
Here I present to you the final results !

A before on the left and After 13 hours image on the right. 
The lightning is different but you pretty much can tell it's still there. 
and this one is another image snapped from a different angle 
No touch up. 
except that I actually was bored and wanted to add some colour to my lips (that's about it ). 
and also I tied up my hair.=)
can you see that everything is still perfectly in place? the foundation, the blusher and the eye make-up

okay so what do I have to say about it?
~The price of the product is reasonable .
 ~ Not too bad for a drugstore brand
~  It gives me the light to medium coverage which is good because i really detest foundations which gives me the heavy and cakey feel 
~ as you can tell from the pictures even under different lightning, the product didn't oxydise much so thats an added plus !
~ Blends well into my skin
~it has a light cosmaceutical scent to it and some may not like it at all. 
~ the consistency of the foundation may be liquidy and runny but it dries up pretty fast. so you'll have to work quickly with it
~ I would recommend that you apply moisturizer cream before you apply this product. so that it's smoother and easier to blend. Don't recommend to use it independently.  
~ you will need to use a waterproof eye and lips make up remover to wipe them away. 
on the rate of 5 how would I rate them? 
Would I repurchase this item.
for a day to day working purposes to help even out my skin tone without giving me that cakey heavy feel. yeah I would repurchase it ( provided I'll make sure that I slap on a good amount of moisturizing cream before using it  haha )
if you have super dry flaky skin I don't really suggest you use this. (of course you could though try slapping on thick moisturiser hahaha )
So there You have it.. Simple review on Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25 hour foundation. 
Take care all
Owh and look what I've got few days back. 
only RM69 =)
comfortable simple and nice

Disclaimer : product featured is purchased by myself. My opinion is based on a 2 week test run on the product.


  1. this color really blend so well with your tone.
    look great on you hahahha no cakey feel.
    HAve you use loose powder on top of it?

    Btw, nice heels. =D

  2. Hi Girl !

    No i havent try on their pressed powder. Probably later when I'm done with my current one. yes I am amazed as well to find that it doesnt feel heavy and cakey.. except the down side is that it gets a bit dry later in the evening if i apply it without moisturiser ..

    Thanks. It's for work one leh =)


  3. Flawless finish....looks grt on you dearie...

  4. You look fresh and sweet from the photo! The foundation works so well on you. Love reading your because you are very REAL! LOL

    1. hahah Thanks Lilian for the compliment. it meant a lot to me. The price for this is really reasonable.. worth the try. =)

  5. cantik cantik ;)
    i baru nak pesan, if x ok, i nak u jual kat i. hehe

    1. Iylia , unfortunately... boleh tahan produk tak jadi jual kat you heheh... awak pun pergi lar cuba... maybe boleh favorite baru awak. haha =)

  6. Replies
    1. Shaz, you really should... Im still using it and really loving it still... Best of all the price is reasonable

  7. What color is that foundation in? We have very similar color skin.

    1. Hi girl. Sorry for the late reply :) it is in shade Soft Beige ... It matches really well with my skin tone. I'm already in my second tube :) heheh. That was my first time trying and I fell in love with it since then :)