Do Something Good .

Physical beauty is nothing if you don't have that inner beauty which shine.
That what makes an individual stand out
That's what makes us unique
A beauty which could last a lifetime
a great legacy which we leave behind to remembered off
Physical beauty fades but inner beauty last forever.
So when was the last time you Did Something Good?
when was the last time you Volunteer to help out with a NGO?
It is said that only 7 out of every 1000 Malaysian individual aproached would volunteer
To me, the survey results isn't totally shocking
with the world becoming more and more realistic
everyone of us are busy chasing our own dream.
all we care is about running our own race and reaching to the top
At least I know I am one of them who got so caught up with work
The last time I Did Something Good was last year when I volunteered to help out in a childrens home.
I know... What a shame right...
Ahh I miss that feeling
A feeling which it's so hard for me to describe.
The feeling of contentment that at the end of the day
A wonderful experience which help make me apreciate life a lot better.
I remembered
The first time I volunteered in a childrens home was really an eye opener
what we see isn't always the reality
outwardly they seem to be little happy kids
but then in reality is in reverse.
It's good that
from time to time
instead of spending them time and money  buying retail item
we use the money and time to bless the unfortunate.
Show them that we care
Show them that there is still hope
Show them that there is still love in this world.
Encourage and show them that THEY ARE NOT ALONE.
Malaysians it's time to bless  a small portion back to the community of
what God have blessed us so abundantly.
After reading what I've typed out above
by now you probably are interested in Volunteering yourself
but then you have no idea where to begin
Well let me suggest to you a website called
This site acts as a platform for especially for 
 individuals who wish to volunteer themselves.
The site is joint by several organisations which you can pick from
click on the link register yourself so that you will get a continuous update on your prefered selected fields
Have you registered to get more on their updates?
I know I did ...
YES ! and if you're a blogger,
help promote show support this online volunteering community

by adding a badge (look at the right side bar) to your blog
click on the here to select a badge.
Keep this team in prayers as well
may god continue to guide them with ample of volunteers and ample of provision so that they can bless the needy more.

Owh and good news
Beautiful Things By LnA

will be opening a new blog.
where by in there
we aim to share more on lifestyle journey and random stuffs.
Do look forward to it !!!


  1. very touching post....I added the badge....
    I am looking forward to your new blog...Do share the link with me :)

    1. Thank You so much for responding to this organization ,in helping them spread awareness ! Definitely will do =) thanks for stoppping by girl =)