Trying Out NYX for The First Time !

NYX cosmetics has been around for quite sometime already I believe.
The last time I went to Singapore and saw they have it there but well didn't really bother to go try on them
And so after reading and hearing so much great review about NYX cosmetics.
I finally got around to get myself a couple of items from them. 
Admin Lemon accompanied me to Sephora KLCC to check them out
Unfortunately for us most of the products on the shelves were almost either sold off or with limited colours
Most of the sales person there were friendly except one haha anyway
I picked out 3 lipstick and 1 lip liner from NYX cosmetics

These are the colours which I got for myself

1. LSS 366, Gardenia 
2. LSS 536, Eros 
3. LSS 565, B52

So these are the swatches on the back of my hand.
Without flash

With flash 

In the next image you can see how the lip colour appear to look like in my lips.
This is in Gardenia
can you see that it's actually a berry colour with a slight purple undertone?
This colour is perfect for ladies who just started out exploring various red tone lipstick
this lipstick has a slight scent to it. 
I't pretty hard to describe how it smelled like. haha...  
I would describe it to be something like light  Pantene shampoo smell?
I am one of those who is very particular about scent on lipstick. 
for this , I'd say it's okay. The scent itself didn't linger long after applying. 

Next lip colour is in Eros

Such gorgeous colour I have to say

Instantly makes my skin tone looked fairer.
I wore this lip colour to work the other day and I got loads of compliment. 

haha... I balanced it out with a simple eye and cheek make up and allowing this lip colour to stand out 

I love bright lipstick !!

owh and magically this has no scent to it. 

The last one is in B52
This colour is more towards earth tone but with slight red-ish undertone to it.
Like Gardenia, it has a light scent to it as well. 
Perfect to be used as an everyday lip colour.
I promise you will not look pale using this lip colour. 

Over all , I am pretty happy with the 3 lip colour which i purchased.
if you're looking for something which has quality and inexpensive with a wide range of colour
definitely consider giving  NYX cosmetics a try
 it's long lasting. Even after I have wipe it off 
I still will have that light tinted colour on my lips.
The colour intensity definitely build-able
Creamy and thick. 
What I do is, I love to blot it off after applying it on my lips
I would give NYX lipstick 3.5 star out of 5 star!
1.5- Reasonable pricing (RM 19 per stick)
1- for the wide variety of colour selection
1 - for the moisturising creamy feel and also the lasting effect on my lips.

Owh and I received a free 11 ml lipgloss from NYX when I purchased 3 lipstick
( I think it's because I purchased 3 lipstick hahaha , I didn't ask )
I got it in the shade named Natural,
It's pretty much like a nude shade when applied on my lips. 

That's the gloss swatch on the back of my hand.
The shade is pretty similar to the lip liner I purchased
You can see the swatch just right above the 3 lipstick swatches
The lip liner is okay, colours appear on my lips the moment it touches it haha. 

Also from Sephora I also purchased Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer

I only need to use a small pea size amount on my eyelids to prevent them from creasing

and you can see the swatches already on the back of my hand.
The differences between without eye shadow primer and with eye shadow primer.
the colours instantly pop and look so much appealing
This is an image of it with flash

and this is an image of it without flash !
can you see the vast difference?


Don't know about you but i came back and noticed something very interesting.
Can you see the similarity between 
 the NYC lip liner and also the Essence eye pencil?

Very much identical right?

and they are both made in Germany,
I'm yet to do a research on this.
but I am very much convinced that they both are made from the same lab and manufacturer.
therefore , I'd say for those who are feeling sad that the Coci Coci counter is no longer available causing you guys to find it difficult to get your hands on Essence product.
NYX cosmetics is the perfect dupe for it
with reasonable pricing and wide range of colours to select from. =)

Plus, You'll get to earn extra Sephora points and the scoring yourself 10% discount on your next purchase after you have collected 250 points .

Until my next post. take care everyone
and stay safe ! 


  1. wow, sexy lips!! May I know the price of Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer??

    1. Hi Taryn ,

      Thanks for stopping by =)and thanks for the compliment as well =)

      I cannot remember the exact price for The Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion is sold but I believe it's RM75 for a 11ml tube.Because I remember clearly I paid only about RM65 for it (20% off) as Sephora was having a 5 day special sales.

  2. One more week i can hoi jiong them! Hahahah i so wanna try B52!
    Haha, I like this colour! Looking good on you!

    1. Hi Lei Mun ,

      Thanks !!! haha, one week will come and go in a wink of an eye.. =)... tahan a while more bah..

  3. Wow, nice lipsticks! I like the one in Gardenia, haha. (Yikes, remind me of bread pulak... LOL sorry)
    The free lip gloss is a nice touch, hehe. I have yet to go take a peep at Sephora though. >__<

    1. Hi Laura !

      Thanks for stopping by !
      Haha, I know right. That's the thought that came through my mind when I first saw it.
      I personally prefer Eros. I'm a great fan of bright colours. Definitely go and have a look at in Sephora. I'm waiting for their new stock to arrive. Want to get my hands on their NYX Jumbo eye pencil in milk which I hear so much about.

  4. Hahaa i think i know which unfriendly SA u were talking about. I terkena also last friday.. >_< rm19 for the lippie? Affordable!

    1. haha.. you pun kena ke? lol..she banyak pattern kan, i malas want to ask her about some other stuff I act blur sotong walk off.and asked another SA instead.. Yeap Rm19 for the lipsticks. very affordable..

  5. Nice...i'm gonna get some for myself now. Thanks :)

  6. Wow the lipsticks looks gorgeous on you.... Nice post as always :)
    Love and hug

    1. Hi girl, =)Thank you so much !

      it's been quite sometime seeing you online updating your blog. I am assuming you family paid a handsome ammount of 'ransom' to help free you?

      haha looking forward to reading your updates on your 'kidnapped experience' (hopefully) as well as other great great swatches from you . =)


    2. :) hey Angie... I got the Nxy lipstick in B52 after seeing your swatches and I am loving it...thanks :) wanted to get Gardenia but it was Out of stock at sephora starhill :(

    3. Awesome. The colour is totally wearable right.. I'm using it to work almost everyday... =)... you're waiting for gardenia. and I'm waiting for NYX jumbo eye pencil . =)

  7. Nice haul. I also went to sephora during the promotion period and bought primer potion and nakedskin foundation. quite cheap after discounted. I guess Sephora should do the promotion special days frequently so that we can buy more products. hehe.

    1. Hi girl ! Thanks for stopping by. Totally agree with you. Sephora should really do more of these special promotional days. I'm loving my primer potion over my M.A.C paint pot in painterly. The texture is so creamy and blends nicely to the eye lid and no crease whole day ! =)