Review ❤ Bloop sand polishes

Tadaaa~~ So these two is our stars in this week!
Sand polishes from Bloop. =D

This is metallic grey.
Here is the swatches. =)
I think metallinc grey is cool, it's a statement on the tips of fingers. As you can see from the image above, the colour intensity is great, opaque and finished matte. Awesome point for this nail polish is that it response to my camera flash even it is matte! Haha, see how bling it is in image no. 4? =D

The 2nd I have is metallic pink with peach undertone.
and the swatches.. =)

Ahh~ so girly/ lady typed hands, right? =)
This colour definitely make my hands look fairer! Matte finished bring the whole look chic and sophisticated. I take photographs at different lighting. It amazed me how it look so soft with outdoor light (image no.3 & 4).

In general:
Basically the application is super smooth and easy with their wide brush applicator. With just 2 strokes can cover my nails perfectly & no need worry about staining to cuticles. I like how they look so flawless and leave no visible nail lines on my nails.

Colour is opaque, 1 coat is enough for coverage. But if you like strong colour like me, go for 2nd coats. First applied the look is so pretty all glossy~ However, after it dried, the gloss turned matte. Good thing about this is I can choose to let them look gloss or matte by applying top coat. hehe =D
I always think that matte is kind of a statement itself, eh?

Good formulation, I didn't get welcome by strong chemical smell when opened them & super fast drying, within 1 or 2 minutes I think, because it happened too fast!

These babies I bought them during Beauty Expo at KLCC few months ago. I leave them until recently. Couldn't believe I have neglected them. =P

I hope you enjoy my honest review on bloop sand nail polishes. 
*This is not a sponsored review. The comments on the product is based on personal opinion *

Have a nice day.


  1. Oooh, I've wanted to try the Bloop sand polishes but haven't seen any reviews of them so I wasn't sure how good they were. I like the pink one!! :D Thanks for the review!

    1. Go ahead! Hahah, they actually turn out better than i expected! Yeah I like the pink too, can make my yellow skin look fairer. i wonder why i keep them so long to try.. XD

  2. What's the price for these polishes? the metalic grey looks nice.. if only my nails arent that weirdly shaped. I would be crazily addicted to polishes. Thanks to you . haha

    1. more than half year ago i purchases them, i forget their price already. I saw them selling at watson for 18.9 more or less.
      LOL, fingers nails shape is okay la, I very scare to kena ur wounds on thumb jek! hahhaha

  3. I really like the metallic grey... :)

    1. Me too. They hv alot choices. Can go check them out at watson =)