Nails ❤ Play at the tips!


Everyone know about french tips right? 
It's a nude or pink base colour with the tip colour smiling curve at the tips.

Today I'm going to having some fun with my nail tips, but I'll do something different other than french tips.

It's gradient glitter at the tips by using these 2 little babies.
I bought this 2 from Sasa~ 
Color Combo CTW 504 gold glitter (left), Eleanor nail enamel ENP 061 (right)
Color Combo CTW504 is a mix nail laquer with fine gold glitter and random cut shape gold flakes. They give beautiful shine and smooth finish look. I used this frequently on top of my manicure to add some glamour and fab. In fact, this is my second bottle. =D

Eleanor Nail Enamel ENP061 is a very dark purple with blue undertone. They have jelly texture, that make the application is so smooth and leave flawless gloss. I personally love this brand nail laquer because they do not stain my nails, even without any base coat beneath it. The removal of this nail laquer is easy as a pie and they do not have strong chemical smell that usually cheap nail polishes would have.

Here is the finished images:
(get ready for lots of syok sendiri pictures! >_<)

I found that my pictures have a little bit of boring with same background (cloths, contact lens container, toys etc..).
I want to try something new. So here is my attempt to take picture by using magazine as background. Hehe~ What do you think?

Lastly, a fat-hao picture of me. Heheee~

Ok! that's all I got for today!
Off to continue study on my research~ >__<

Stay tune for more nails looks =D
Have a nice week!