Period !

So both admin decided to team up and then come up with something interesting. it may look very awkward. But well it's not something unatural. and there are some issues which has to be addressed. We hope you ladies reading this will be able to relate to it. and those who are yet to have their periods will be able to mentally prepare themselves with it. 
Argh NO !!!
It's the time of the month again.
I have a love hate feeling about it.
I am okay with having periods because it means that I'm clearing off 'dirty' blood from the monthly ovulation.. which indirectly contribute to me looking younger.
Then here comes the part which i dread most.
feeling tired
period cramps
and the regular visits to the washroom.
So lets talk about experiences...
hehe...nothing to be ashamed about
I don't know about you ladies.
I for one am one of the very few where my period came pretty late.
say almost at the end of my high school studies?
I have been patiently waiting for it to arrive
My mom was convinced there's something wrong with me.
especially when my 8 year old neice already had her first period.
and looked literally like a matured lady with bosoms and all
While I on the other hand is still running around with a paper flat chest.
So flat it doesnt really matter if i wear a trainee bra or not..

None the less, it came eventually
and believe me
I have no idea at all that my period came
I was so happy and glad and was jumping up and down
and yes TEXTING the whole world saying
"HELLO !!!! My period arrived"
I was aware that My first period came when my sister saw blood stain in the toilet bowl itself (apparently i forgotten to flush heheh)
and then she came and shouted at me as usual saying I'm not being hygenic and all especially when my period came.
and being the little chilli padi as I can beback then  I yelled back and say "I don't have a period"
and my sister replied " well then maybe it magically came this morning go check !"
whoa lo and behold I saw blood stains on my panty for the very first time.
My sister then handed me a pad
Yes, I was so ignorant at that moment.
I don't even know how to use a pad.
took me almost forever to figure out how to .
Over the couple of years of having period I realise that when ever it's almost the time of the month I'll be acting strangely
The most interesting part is that people around me would notice this quick changing habits.
I don't know about you
But I for one whenever it's almost 'full moon' I'll have the tendency of eating, I'll snack on whatever my hands could get on. Everything i see which I can put inside my mouth would seem very appealing.
Then for some reason my emotions would go unstable. I can be extremely happy one minute and then feeling upset during the next.
Owh and one very unique tendency is that I love applying makeup on my face just a bout a week or so before 'big day arrives'
and then the cramps come about.
Period cramps is not fun at all.
Whenever I get one.
I could hardly move , I would lie in a feotal position; 
I'll get cold sweat and back pain and my leg feel like I have no energy at all
and then I'll feel like passing out.
So over the years.
I learn from my mom and sister that we can in fact avoid having period cramps.
Whereby they thought me what to eat and what not based on what they learnt work over the years .
So if you're of the special ladies who get period cramps often.
continue on reading please as here are a few ways to help you overcome :
1. always exercise regularly. This could help reduce the menstural cramp pain. if you're like me who is really lazy to go on regular exercises you can do so by especially exercising a week before your "special expected day arrive". on a daily basis I would always choose to take the stairs instead of the escalator, just to force myself to move a little bit more.
2. Always eat a healthy balanced diet. Over eating something is bad for your health.
3.Try cut down on cold drinks and any other food which are normally being served chilled or cold like the chinese herbal jelly, fruits and ice creams .The chilled baverage and food  is what that's giving you the crazy cramps and also resulting on thick,dark, hard long-ish blood clot
4. Always get enough sleep or rest so your body can detox better
5.During your menstural cycle always try your best to wear loose clothing and cotton panty . It helps not just air circulation but also blood flow circulation as well.
6. Drink a lot of water to have a smooth sailing period. It also benefits you by giving you beautiful hydrated skin.
Follow that couple of hints and you'll be rest assured that you'll have a reduced or even cramp free period month..
So we have covered the Period Experience, How to wear a pad and which to choose; and Ways to prep yourself before the big day arrives.
Next lets talk a little about hygiene.
It is always Important to make sure that you put extra emphasis on personal hygiene especially when it's the time of the month.
As it not only benefits you yourself but others as well.
Here are some important ways to help ensure that personal hygiene is being taken care off perfectly.
1. Always make sure you take a shower. For some reason our body odour tends to be stronger when it's the time of the month. So always take your shower especially in the morning or before you attend an important meeting. If your don't do so you'll feel sticky all over.
2.Carry along with you a couple of essential items. (couple of new unopened pads, a hand sanitiser and a pack of wet tissue) Those items would be able to assist you to look refreshed and feel clean whole day.
2. Most pads would advertise saying that the gel or the material and level of absorbency would be able to help eliminate the unpleasent scent. But come on, lets face it. Somehow during the time of the month. Subconsciously we will have this feeling in our mind that we STINK like a RACOON !!! So it is a great idea to keep a small bottle of perfume in your handbag so that whenever you need to freshen up you can just apply it, at the same time helping you to mask of probably some unpleasent odour.
3. This is important... Please do change your pads every 3 hour or so. Don't mind whether your having a heavy flow, light flow or plain just spotting. You have to change that pad of yours. Firstly to avoid unwanted sickness that could occur. Secondly to eliminate the unpleasent odour as well as dirty bacteria and lastly to help yourself feel clean and good at the same time boosting your confidence rocket high.
 4. So it's good that you're now changing your pads. Hygiene does not just stop there.
You have to also make sure that you actually dispose them responsibly. Make sure you wrap up the whole thing like the image above and then place it in the plastic package which comes with it and then throw it in the sanitary bin. DO NOT flush it down the toilet bowl. It will get stuck half way and then you'll be in great trouble.
So that pretty much wraps up the period post. I hope it helps you with some of the querries which you have been wondering.
May you have an easy going Period. =)