Pampering Myself ? At Home??

Note: this method is extremely useful to you ladies who are students staying at hostel. and everyone else who love doing DIY with things you can find around your home. Satisfaction guaranteed.

After a week-long of work
I believe it’s the same for everyone else.
I get really tired and all I want to do during the weekend
is to sleep till the sun is above my head,
eat slowly enjoy and savor every bite of my meal,
pamper myself with some retail purchases (maybe), hitting the gym or plain visiting your stylist and rant about your week long stress while they beautify you
 and to some others probably not doing anything at all .

This post will talk about a couple different ways to pamper yourself without having to spend a lot
I’ve been doing these simple pampering steps even from back to the days when I was studying at Uni
I will do every weekend without fail.
It’s good in a way because, it teaches us to utilize what we have laying around the house at the same time being therapeutic and relaxed.
It's not so much about saving money. it's more towards finding the inner you..and for just 2 days during the weekend not jamming your face with chemical..  

Some of the steps which I will be sharing is a recap from our previous post. I invite you to join me into my week-end pampering journey.
I have to admit right here,
I love sleeping. I could sleep and sleep and eat and sleep.
But ever since I have started working.
I begin to adopt this weird habit of waking up early say around 6am?
and even weirder was when I also wake up around that time during the weekends.
I would try to go back to sleep but somehow at most I'll only manage an addition 2-3 hours. hahaha... Too healthy...
So anyway, I woke up at 9am
Brushed my teeth and then i head down to the kitchen and see what my mom have prepare.
I'm not particular about what to eat in the morning.
I'll just eat anything thats on the table.
My favourite would be 'bihun tomyam' I'll sure get a second helping of it.
Since today my mom was not at at home last Saturday as my parents went off for a short vacation,
I woke up early irregardless haha
I made myself something simple 2 half boiled egg.
Yes we still use that old school thingy. and believe it or not the container I used is close to about 18years of age... Talking about quality products. heheh.

Since my parents are not at home this weekend this would mean extra chores for me to do around the house

Cleaned the house, pick up dog poop, wash clothes and yesterdays dinner
yadda yadda yadda
Not Fun at all.

and just like so it's already half day gone.
Normally I'll do these theraputic treatment around evening.
Right before I take my showe.
Following are some imagies which I hope could help you understand better.
You don't have to follow the exact step which I did. You do what ever which you are most comfortable with. =)
So following are all the things you'll need

Silicone bowl and synthetic brush

(if you don't have it no worries, just use a bowl and spoon)
 A tiny kettle or any kettle which can boil water in
reason why i say tiny kettle coz you wont need to boil so much water if you dont need it.
Dont have a kettle? no problem... just heat it to boiling point over the stove
Cotton pads !

And of course a bowl. I'm using the double layered bowl. Got mine from the market. My mom bought it for me only RM8 . Because I am one of those weird human who cannot stand tiny bit of hot. So instead of wasting energy having to wash a bowl and a plate which i used to put the bowl in. I just use this.
So here goes.
I start off with a good face steaming.
I'll put the freshly boiled water into the bowl.
Then I'll drape a towel over my head and lean towards the bowl and allow my face to steam up
I enjoy going super close to the steam for only God know what reason. hahaha
Just like so...

On a regular basis I would suggest about 15 minutues of face steaming.
but I love doing it slightly longer. or when i decided that whole face is nicely steamed up.
The following image is the freshly steamed face
don't mind my hair..
look at that natural pink flush hahaha..

After that you use the cotton pad. You can soak it with facial cleanser liquid or like me.
I just use it to wipe my whole entire face.
My face looked clean in the previous image. but in actual fact. there are still dirt and debris
clogged pores.
At this point you may use that Blackhead Remover Tool to clear your white and black head.
can you see the dirt?

Next ! After my face have cooled down and pores closed back to normal. haha
 in the silicone bowl. I'll add in sugar and honey
you can use brown sugar
But I have a face where my skin is thicker than a cow.
haha I use regular granulated sugar and honey.
and then with a brush apply it all over my face.
untill it crystalized
If you think it's too harsh you may add a spoonful of yogurt.

I was walking aroung the house with this face and it shocked my father.
Then after 10 minutes, gently exfoliate your skin.
and wash it off.
At this point your skin should feel fresh and smooth
If you have excess
of the honey and sugar
you may use it to exfoliate your body later.

Then I'll cool off my face with a tiny slice of
Aloe vera

With a butter knife I slice off a leave
then I take a small portion of it. and carefully removing away it's thorn before splitting into half.

I'll then directly apply it on my face.
If you're a first timer to aloe vera please do take note that you will feel a slight biting sensation.
and soon after cooling effect.
after applying leave it to dry and wash off..
Your face should feel super hydrated and soft.

Then after that you proceed to taking shower
and when you come out you may start doing some eyebrow plucking and all.
Don't know about you . But if you look at me closely. you'll notice my brows are slightly joint
this is the only point where I apply toner on the area which I pluck the hair. haha

And so after all that.. you'll be walking around feeling rejuvenated.
and it feels windy as well.. probably all the dirt has been scrubbed off
... hahaha
so there you have it. using things which you already have aroung your house.
... try it and let us know if possible =)