Nail art ❤ Aqmore Love

Hey pretties!
It's being Suuperrrr long since my last nail post on indian red with reversed french.
Lately I'm in love with pastel colours and simple yet lovely designs. Inspired by that, here comes this super easy framed heart on ring finger:

Babies used:
Etude House Base Coat
Aqmore P002 (peach)
Aqmore P011 (baby blue)
Dotting tools
Gold beads
Step 1:
Put on the base coat to protect nails from staining.

Step 2:
Paint nails with base colour. I'm using Aqmore P002.

Quick review about Aqmore nail polish:
Aqmore nail polish is water based, very smooth and easy to apply, very fast drying, great color intensity with one coat. However, I prefer to have my nail dressing in opaque, so I'm goes for two coats. =)
Love their brush, so soft & spread nicely when apply. Small and short brush holder doesn't bring problem to me when painting.
Good things of their water based formula, they do not contain acetone, tuluene or formaldehyde which will damage our nails and healths.
The only thing I dislike about Aqmore is that they smell like glue. Anyway, the smell gone in few seconds under good ventilated environment. They can be remove easily by soaking nails in warm water for few minutes and then peel off. This doesn't appear as cons for me, as I frequently change my nails colour. To make the colour stay longer, just apply a top coat on finished design. It probably can stay longer.

1 coat (upper) and 2 coats (bottom).

Step 3:
Draw a heart shape by using Aqmore P011.

Step-by-step how to draw heart shape by using P011.

This is how they look like.. ❤
I draw on my ring finger. heehee

Step 4:
Frame the heart with gold beads to make it 3D effects.
Image above shown step-by-step how to frame heart by using dotting tool and gold beads.


Have fun trying it and show us urs!

Until then,
Take care and stay pretty

This is not a sponsored post. The review is 100% my honest opinion towards Aqmore nail polishes.


  1. I love it! Your nails looks so cute!
    I don't think I'd be able to frame that heart so perfectly! I'm such a clumsy person.
    my blog:

    1. Hey guidance, Thank you ^^
      I showed the way i do it, it actually very simple than it look like. =D

      Have fun trying this out. I love to see them.

      You gt a very interesting blog! Subscribed ❤

    2. I'll try! I can't promise it'd turn out as good as your.
      Thank you :)

    3. @leimun, I thought you've subscribbed.. I've long subscribbed to her blog.. =).. IKR her blog is very interesting..

      and OMG good job.. the heart looked so perfect. =) Well done !