Color Wheel =)

And so I finally gave in and bought my first and hopefully last
I've been contemplating whether or not to buy one for my self.
and well guess like I finally decided to splurge.

To those of you who are not into all these.
let me just tell you that what you are seeing 
is not just some random cardboard okay
it's a cardboard with ... colors. and not just that it teaches me what goes with what
and it's not cheap. 
it's RM34 !! Yeap, 34 bucks for this cardboard alright..
That's why it better be last me if not a life time at least for a good 10 years. 
Goods depreciate over time. By that time I would have finished 'juicing' every corner of this cardboard and learn them colors well at the back of my hand. 

As simple as it may look like. 
it's actually quite complicated as well.. colors. 

Short update on both admins. 
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