Ask Yourself When Was The Last Time You Exercised?

Hey ladies,
WOW it's been a good 2 weeks since I last posted something on this site here.
Blog post is already up.
Except for them pictures.
needs to be edited and watermarked.
Thank all of you for your great patience
Anyway, here is a quick post.
So how often do you exercise in a week?
once ? twice? or maybe even none at all..
haha, the ideal number of times to exercise in a week is about 2-3 times.
Take my advice
You have to exercise
Learn from my mistake.
I am a 50kg 5'5" girl with very high metabolism
and as interesting as I may sound
I don't easily get fat.
My face shaped maintained
and I pretty much just shove whatever junk food in to my mouth and down to my tummy. and I was a proud living testimony who dare tell people that I DO NOT EXERCISE.
and well , am paying the price now.
Not going to go indept  hahaha...
(still under control)
as a result from this , I actually neglected my health.
from my reflection on the mirror I seem fine.
slim, tall and well not constipating.
but what is not shown in the reflection on the mirror is whats going on in the inside.
The lack on exercise is indeed taking a beautiful toll on me
(Just for sharing purposes)
if you lack on exercise you'll prolly be facing some of the symptoms like what I'm facing currently after say like a good 3 years of ZERO exercise.
1. constant fatigue
2. difficulty in focusing
3. moody
4.your body just dont feel good
5. lacking on strength to carry even your laptop bag
6. even if you manage to carry something heavy you'll feel dizzy
7. short on breath
8. HIGH BLOOD !!!!!!
10. risk on getting clogged artheries ; or
11. fats covering heart which may cause STROKE
(if you feel even the slightest pain there beware, is true)
12. back pain
13. constant stress
14. low immune system
15. weight gain
16. lacking on calcium
17. risk on getting cancer
18. sleep deprived and well bad sex perhaps.
Those listed are only the general few which you can easily get from the web
and I have to admit
I can identify quite a number of symptoms which I am facing right now.
Don't be alarmed,
if you were to exercise constantly
I'm sure you can avoid most of the deadly sickness
As much as we put in serious ammount of time and effort in to making ourselves beautiful with clothes and cosmetics.
Sometimes some stuff cannot be bought by money.
Health is indeed wealth.
Exercising will help us discard off unwanted toxic
it makes us look younger
and helps our skin glow
Do not need to weight lifting and other rigorous exercises.
do it on your own pace. for your health sake.

and so before my condition worsen.
I have decided that it's really time to change and adapt to a new lifestyle.
YES, and you should join me in my new lifestyle as well.
Not for my sake
Not because I need a friend to do it with me
but is for your own Personal Health
and from this we could indirectly support one another
Through the good and bad times.
I have started of by making it compulsary to have my breakfast
Cut  down on caffein consumption.
Then I'll pop in supplement pills. haha..
I take lunch but not too heavy. Just enough to make me not starve ...
(after a heavy lunch you have feel like want to sleep, bad timing to siesta at work girlies =D )
and right before dinner I'll start off with 15 minutes good old treadmill and will gradually built up on my stamina.
I WILL NOT at this early stage pull a stunt to do push ups. haha
Dinner I shall go all out to have a great hearty meal whatever being served. I'll start making it compulsary to have a dish of salad or veggie . and followed by fruits.
Remember the best way to give your body the sufficient vitamin is by eating them be it any food you can grab ur hands on or fruits.
Supplement pills are good. But not all supplement pills can give you the sufficient nutrient that you want.
This is a commitment which I will try to stick to.. haha.
It's not going to be easy it's not hard either. I just need to have that commitment.
I hope my short little post will be able to inspire you to live healthily
Remember, Only you can make the decision to change and lead  a better healthier lifestyle.
The card is in your hand. How you play it will affect you in the long term.
Untill my next post..
You ladies stay healthy and safe.
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  1. Looking to myself in mirror, I can no longer so proud to say "I don't need exercise and can look slim" anymore.
    Aging is a scary process if didn't take good care of body X___X
    I start to jog and do arms and bottom exercise.

    1. Ahh nice... join me in leading a healthier lifestyle... Need to learn how to eat healthily as well... keep up the good work.. update us how you make those jell-O arms small =)