Rimmel London Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses

 Today's product review is on the Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses
Rimmel is UK brand and has been in the cosmetic industry
I didn't exactly planned to buy this product .
Before my shopping session with my friend, I kept on reminding myself
"Angie, you have more than enough cosmetics which could last you up to a good 3 years."
"Angie, what ever you do. DO NOT buy anymore red lipstick or anything similar to that shade."


But I just can't stop myself from purchasing it when I saw Lemon swatch it on herself and then without giving it much thought she just purchased it.
The colour is so attractive...
It was as though it was saying
" mama, bring me home please.."
"you'll get tones of compliment with this lip stain, plus it's not very expensive ,drugstore brands rock !"
"come on, it's a different red tone from the rest which you already owned"
Hahaha, so yeah, At last I gave in .
and so I present to you the Rimmel London Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses !!
It pretty much looked like a marker pen just by itself

It comes in 2 sides of the pen..
The first side is where all the juicy goodness is.
A felt-tip lipstick pen head
haha... I'm sorry I'm still not that good in describing
But you get what I mean.. The felt-tip marker? lol.

Then after you have used the felt-tip part
you need to flip the pen over and then you will be presented to this cap- thingy- with- white-stuff-in-it
NO ! it's not a clicker where you click it and then ink or juicy liquid will appear at the tip
it's actually a lip balm
Where you apply and then it'll help moisturize your lips.

And so there you have it a complete description of the Rimmel London Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses
I know you are interested to know exactly what I think about it.
Well let's see
I pretty much started using it right after I paid for the item
and then I went to have tea time at Tong Pak Fu
When I applied the lip stain it felt very dry on my lips
but I just ignored it and went on going round shopping and later went for tea
at first I wasn't sure if I used it the wrong way or was it just that I kept wiping my lips with a tissue
because I didn't want to look messy eating black sesame shaved iced
Trust me the last thing I want to be seen is a lips with tiny freckle of black sesame stick on to it
for all I know after my tea session my lips were back to it's original shade.
and even worst looked patchy
I had to go to the ladies and then reapply it
Pretty much didn't give me a good first impression.
But after a couple of times using it ,
I think this brand pretty much live up to what it claims to be 
1000 Kisses.
I found out the best way to apply this lip stain is that you first apply the lip stain on your lips and then allow it to dry.
then slightly blot it off and reapply a second coat or layer.
this way it would definitely give you that strong long lasting effect
I went on to have my dinner and do whatever things I wish to do..
and then I'll look into the mirror from time to time. and still I'll have that very bright red lips
The first few wipes I did after apply my lipstick the stain did came off but shortly after
almost close to no product transferred from my lips to the tissue...
and the intensity of the colour is definitely build-able.
the colours you see in the images may look slightly dull
but in real life it's a very vibrant berry pink
which helps make our skin looked fairer and teeth brighter I would say.
Staying power is really impressive...
Best used on special occasion like to a dinner , valentines day or something
So you've heard about the unsure, pros and now lets mention a bit about the cons
the downside about this product I would say is the balm part
The lip balm didn't really give me that moisturizing feel or effect which I expected the balm to be.
Honestly I really thought it was a clicker.
 The sales lady at that shop (where lemon was testing out the product) didn't exactly want to entertain Lemon and I...
 She just stood there and then later on went entertaining another lady who was just plain looking through the products with no intention of purchasing any products
... I had to learn that the white thingy was a balm  the hard way
being blur as I am I just went and tried clicking it ...
Yes, I do make mistakes ...
No I stopped the second when I felt that it's greasy.
I will not blame myself for making such blunder but rather blame the lady at the counter failing to explain it to me.
another setback would be the light berry fragrant which comes with the lip stain
Not sure about the rest of you
but the fragrant pretty much reminded me of 
those paracetamol or cough syrup medication I used to take when I was a kid. that weird generic smell hahaha
I feel a bit nausea smelling it hahahaha... very afraid of medication.
Thank god really that the scent/fragrant is really light and after applying it and blotting it away with a tissue the smell is no longer there. So this issue didn't exactly bother me much .
The felt-tip can be pretty challenging when using it
like I said it was very similar to a white board marker
considering the fact that my lips is medium size
I had to be very careful when applying it
Imagine someone with a slightly smaller lip using it. can be very intimidating hahaha
but at some point I have to say this brilliant idea did allow me to draw round my lips perfectly
Just wished the tip was slightly smaller
and so that's about it for my review on the Rimmel London Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses
Owh and be very sure that you use a lip and eye make-up remover to remove everything from your lips before you go to bed..
Like I said before the staying power is so strong,
even after brushing my teeth and lips
I still have that very pretty stain on my lips.
Remember to remove it completely so that you can allow air and blood circulation during night time.
Overall after weighing on the pros and cons I would give this product rating a 4 out of 5 star.
You can get it at your nearest personal care stores which carries Rimmel London Brand

It comes in a couple of different shades
The one I had now my lips is in 120 Timeless Tango
Happy Kissing

Disclaimer : I bought this product by myself , all reviews and suggestions are solely my personal opinion. 


  1. I like the last bit happy kissing! Lol
    Good ch voice on the colour I llove it on you and you do have sexy lips!

    1. Thank You so much for stopping by Lilian. =) and thank you so much for the compliment. I saw your latest post on your self introduction... Impressive =)... looking forward to more interesting blog post of yours... God Bless You


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