Keeping Your Makeup Tools and Product Bacteria Free !

Not fair...
I scored myself eye infection.
I woke up the other day , shower and prepared myself
 started to do my usual make up routine.
and then when I was trying to do my eye make up
I scored myself an eye infection
almost instantly.
The picture isn't doing much justice .
probably is the lightning problem.
No did not edit this picture except adding a watermark and also a frame to it

This guy right here is the culprit.
My eyes in this case it got infected almost instantly.
my eye lids were feeling heavy, itchy and pain all over.
Within seconds I could see blood shots all round the eye.
Not just that.. I kept on tearing.
and the consistency of the tear was like thick.

Seriously learn from me, Don't repeat what I have done. 
Bear in mind that every product has an expiration date. 
and in this case. 
One should always dispose a mascara max 5 months after opening it. 
I got my eye infection due to 2 reasons. 
1. This mascara is close to almost 5 months. even when it still looked new. better be safe than sorry.
2. A month or so earlier, I was hired to do make up by about 8 girls. (it was fun and tiring) Anyways, I failed to use disposable wands. I thought cleaning it after every lady application will be okay. Guess probably I didn't clean it well enough i think. I have about 5 mascara in my box and i had to pick the bad apple on an important day. lol...
Sad case. I have no one to blame but me myself and I 
 Besides disposing mascara when it is time to dispose you must also 
clean off all your cosmetic products
to read more about how to clean them you can click here and you will be sent to that particular blog post =)
and aha... 
today i would like to stress on hygiene. 
we learnt how to clean off out products , we know we must dispose our mascara
and now I'll move on to brush cleaning. 
Different brushes will give you a different results. 
and most of the time it'll turn out looking perfect. 
I had my first professional brush at the age of 13 . 
and believe it or not ...
It's still looking good. 
sturdy and firm. 
only downside is that the ferrule part of my brush had oxidized
My father is in the metal industry. He told me a couple of "home remedy"
it didn't help ..
If you have any idea how to get rid of them . Please comment below or email me at .
A good brush is nicely cared for can last you a long time. as for my case 11 years ! 
Doesn't matter if it's cheap or expensive. if taken care correctly ... can last you a long time. 
So brushes. As you can see from the image below,
I have a couple of different dirty brushes..
Some of them may looked clean and normal , like my angled blush brush. 
But in real fact it's bristles is jammed packed with products 
That is why it is very important to always wash them. 
How do we wash them without damaging it? 

To help illustrate it better,
you can click on the video below which I have uploaded on YouTube 
I'm sorry that you hear nothing in the video. 
I found out while I was editing it that the sound of the rain was louder than my voice. 
I can't add in any songs coz I'm yet to get permission and I am having flu and i tried voice over but failed.
I'm sorry. 

As shown on the video itself. 
1. always make sure , no matter how tempting it may look like. 
never wet or dump the whole brush in to a pool of water. 
the only place that is allowed to get wet is the bristles. 
The reason for this is because you want to make sure that no water at any given time sip in to the ferrule.
which can loosen the glue and causing the whole brush to get detached. 
2. slightly dampen the bristles and pour some soap on your hand. I use both soap and baby shampoo. 
then lightly twirl the brush around your palm. You can even do it on a sponge or something. but I just use my palm . Figured it's faster this way. 
In the video you may see as though I was doing it very harshly. But trust me. It's not. I just so happen to do it in a very fast manner. hahaha..  I love my brush and I call them my babies. I felt the pain if ever one of them falls on the ground. 
3. You will see on your palm that there are residue of access product. the foam will eventually change colour. 
after you are satisfied with it. 
thoroughly rinse it
4. you want to rinse your brushes. then gently with your brush facing downwards squeeze them between your thumb and index finger.
the reason for this is to make sure that all the soap is thoroughly rinsed and cleaned off 
You will know it's clean when you don't see any small foam or bubbles appearing. 
5. The last step i step is to reshape it and place it on a piece of cloth flat to allow it to air dry. 
Some may not have a set of brush guard so
As you can see in the image below. I actually folded a piece of cloth and placed my brushed on top of it. 
the reason for the cloth is to help elevate the surface a bit. 

Generally I will wash my brushes at night. and by morning I'll have clean nice brush ready to be used .
the period of time on how long it takes to dry varies depending on your environment I'd say. haha.. 
But around 3-4 hours will be good and thoroughly dried...

You'll get a nice end result of brushes looking like so. 
it feels soft and nice to use. 


So there you have it. some very basic techniques to keep your brush clean and nice. 
Once again, Thank you so much for your time. 
I really appreciate it. 
If you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to contact us. and we will try our best to enlighten you.
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