Inglot Freedom Palette and 24SS face brush

Hi everyone,
as promised on our facebook page (click here ) 
I'll be updating a blog post.
It's been quite sometime already since I last blog about 
other beauty related product
except for lipsticks. haha..
Anyway, here goes
Recently I visited Inglot.
I didn't exactly know what I want to buy 
I just knew I wanted something. As I was feeling a bit tired and stressed
and that I just went on ahead into Inglot.
Now Inglot I have only visited probably say about 3 times? 
and believe it or not. They gave me a very nice first impression
My first visit was at Queensbay, Penang
and the MUA there was very helpful and nice. 
she actually sat me down and help me match the correct concealer. 
hahaha.. and I walked out with only ONE product in hand. 
and yet she was so nice and kind 
Never even once showed me that
"cheap-skate" kind of look
Unlike the 'other' makeup brand MUA
I think, You know who and what I'm referring to. 

They gave me a free makeup bag as well.
It's actually red in colour. 

See the word INGLOT?
Hmm, quality wise is just so so..
But hey the size of the bag nicely fit most of my item..
nope. no separate compartment. 
I was hoping that it comes with a mirror with it though..

This is the first item which I bought. 
The Freedom blusher palette !
The reason why I pick this is because I figured I can actually fit in a whole full face make up product in this 
Safe space safe time.
I have always seen people using this but I was just too lazy to go see and get one for myself .
But I finally did. 

See what I mean?
The palette itself is similar to the Z Palette 
except this has that 'Slide-to-open' concept.
The material are good quality plastic, with a magnetic base.and also magnetic closure thingy which help lock everything into place. 
(can see the 4 little nut like thingy at all 4 corners? that's the magnet"

See what I mean? 
Slide-to-open concept. 
and see how all the products are being placed nicely?
It's the design of the size itself that make things fit nicely
have to give this credit to the MUA at Inglot. she told me this and I was like wow amazing. 
All in one concept. I love it. hahaha

Here are the list of products which I have purchased. 

1. orange coloured blusher. no.68  (the lightest of all the 3 orange shade)
I actually asked the MUA a very dumb question. I told her I purchased the cream/mousse blush and showed her and asked her to go find a similar powder one for me. There isn't of course. 
2.Shimmer frost shadow in no.46 
This product is pretty much something like a pearl colour with pink undertone. I pick it as highlight
3. Matte 102R 
4. Matte 112R

See what I mean when I say they fit perfectly? even got left a bit of space. 
This mean that I can still take out the pan and then rearrange it comfortably 
however I want it.
You don't have to buy all product at one go. 
I still have access space in my palette as you can see
So I'll probably go shop and buy other products to my liking. a lipstick and another shadow pan perhaps?

If you really want to know the exact name and number of the product . 
You can just remove it from the palette and flip the pan over 
and there you have it ... 
conveniently displayed..

reasonable price and size 

Here are the swatches. 
Without make up base.
Don't underestimate these colours.. 
it's very pigmented.
and after oxydate. OMG pretty. 
Overall I'll give this product rating of 5/5 =) 
despite the fact that I actually have to hold both the lid and palette when doing my make up instead of just holding the palette... 
If you only hold the palette itself. The magnet is not strong enough to support the weight 
so it leaves no choice but to either hold both lid and palette or to remove the lid away so you can be comfortable just holding the palette. 
wither way is okay. I am very impress with the product pay off. 

Then I got myself a face brush as well. 
The 24SS 
It's very light weight. 
The ferrule itself is made of food quality plastic. I think..
Not a bad idea. especially when I know I wont have to worry of those water mark stain and all that discoloration little spots you see on stainless steel product.
it's a 2 ended brush

This is the blusher side of the brush
Very small ad compact .. Great for travelling.
I somehow still prefer my 129 brush 
the squirrel substitute bristles are undeniably soft though. 

Side view of it. 
Little flat brush. 

Considerably dense.

This is the other side when you flip the brush over. 
I think I personally love this part more.
It's like your little mini buffer brush.
The girl told me I can use it as highlight
But I think contouring nose using this is much better.

also pretty dense. 

I came back and examine 
I was at the shop and checked if the quality is good or not.
I failed to spot this defect. 
The finishing is not really neat
As you can see from the circle part of this picture.
Those are glue stain between the ferrule and the brush handle.
it was okay at one end 
but it's not okay at the other end. 
How sad. 
another sad case is that i see many squiggly hair 
Squirrel has curly squiggly hair one ah?
i don't know but i see my 129 bristles all perfectly straight and nice. 

So for this 24SS brush I'll give it a 3.5/5 rating
1.5= very creativity and versatile usage
1= density
1= ferrule wont give me those water mark stain 
Note : all products which you see on this post are purchased using my own money. All comments are solely my personal opinion
And so that's about it for my Inglot haul
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