DIY ❤ Simple bracelet

Hey Pretty! ❤

Let's have something different today with these lovely bracelet.
I like to browse accessories store but rarely spend $$ on them.

Due to my kiam-ness, I decided to do it myself. =D
So, I grab some materials at craft stores, get creative and customize my own bracelet.

Here is how they look like.. 

#1 Just a lady

#1 Just a lady
#1 Just a lady is made for petite lady with small wrist by using thread and ribbon as decoration.

#2 Girly braid

#2 Girly braid
#2 Girly braid is made for cute girls with simple combination of thread and craft rope (?).

I'm using red as my main colour in these bracelet due to my "roses crush" recently.
You can use whatever colour u like and be creative! =D

This is my first attempt to make this. Sorry I'm doesnt familiar with the materials name.
Anyway, I'm quite happy with the result =)
What do you think? 

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Have a great day!


  1. Very sweet! Like a BFF bracelet! Love the colors by the way...

    1. Thanks Lilian! =D
      I making them for my friends though. hee