You Can Never Have Enough of RED Lips.

Ahh I just cannot get enough of red lips.
Every girl has to own at least one RED lipstick.
It can make you look more mature, more confident and youthful at the same time.
Just need to get it in the right shade.
This shade I'm wearing is the Revlon rouge in Divine Port Wine
It's a very nice sexy red berry wine color.
It's a matte lipstick
so generally matte lipstick is slightly dry thats the down side of it
the good side of it is that when your lipstick faded away through out the day like when you are drinking water talking, or even eating..
Matte lipstick will still give you that sheer stain  .
Great bargain right at least I know when I'm out having a busy day and then have to meet various people
I wont have to worry that I look like a zombie.
One thing though when using the matte lipstick. 
Always Always remember to moisturize your lips before you apply anything on it. 
Because if your lips are slightly chapped or dry
and then when you apply the matte lipstick
Sorry to say this but I assure you that it's not going to be a pretty sight
as you'll have the lip product clump or trap between the gaps of the dry skin.
You know what I'm talking about. lol...
The picture above isn't giving it much justice but I promise you
In real life this color is stunningly beautiful..
It make fair skinned people fairer and well those with tanned skin would looked slightly darker haha
So I definitely would say
this shade suit best of ladies with slightly fairer skin.

if you have slightly tanned skin tone I would suggest you go for something slightly brighter
Like the Are You Red-dy by Maybeline =)

But hey like I always say there is always a red for everyone !
You'll just need to go round
trying on different ones and see which suit you best.
So there you have it my First red lips picture swatch and post.
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Take care everyone... =)