What's In My Overnight Make-Up Bag ?

As many of you all have seen on our Facebook page
you will realize that I recently went sleepover in a friends house.
Just one night ...
but trust me I often get really excited about all these sleep over.
Especially when you know that that friend of yours will definitely make
hair and make up a must !
back in my Uni days (I sounded so old )
Admin Leimun would always come over to my hostel for weekend sleep overs.
I do go to her place sometimes but hardly.
Reason? My hostel is an apartment, it's huge and I swear my toilet can fit about 20 people lol.. okay maybe 15 haha...
then we often have Friday night market and somehow my hostel is more happening compared to Lemon's hostel.
This time round, the sleep over is at my friends house.
My mom sent me there.
that means I can bring like a whole lot of stuff..
So here goes..
I kept all my make up bag and toiletries in this aqua colored bag
I actually have this bag for quite some time already.
My mom gave it to me. and I remember taking it to Uni in my freshman year.
Then I stop taking this with me because I decided to bring my train case to Uni. 
Yes  ! I'm Drama like that...
hehe... Some people at uni I remembered made me cry because they were badmouthing me using red lipstick.
Thinking back , Seriously not worth all the tears. They are just jealous I can rock red lips. hehehe
Anyway so yeah. it's pretty much a very big bag. and has a separate zipper compartment at the front.
With such a big bag just for make up and toiletries I can be pretty OCD when it comes to packing.
I'll just place in almost whatever I felt I'll use. heheh
But hey, it's not a crime you never know ...
if suddenly you decided to be creative , at least you have everything in hand

So along with me. I bring is my Professional Travel Make up Brushes.
Which co-incidentally is also in aqua colour haha
It has all the brushes that you would need to do your complete face make up
It's actually a gift from my Boyfriend... really thankful for that.. 

As for cosmetics. You can see from the image below.
I have a
Vaseline, Maybeline Hyper Sharp Liner, Inglot under eye corrective illuminator, 2 Body Shop eyeshadow; eyeliner and lip pencil , 1 Stage eye shadow, Nars blush , Maybeline quad eye shadow in Lilac Mauve , Sebamed chap stick, Shu Uemura lipstick in orange, Essense mascara, Benefit Benetint, Vaseline  and a eyelash curler.

In that very same bag I also bring along a travel size VS hair straightener, L'OrĂ©al make-up remover, small bottle of brush cleanser, a Hugo Boss perfumed hand cream, the long tube line thing is a case for my toothbrush and then the flat purple thing is like a clip which I usually use to keep my hair away from my face.

And so there you have it.
My overnight make up bag.
I know to some people they may think it's slightly over the top.
but hey like I said earlier..
We have to be on standby mode... Need to have everything in hand just in case.
If there is any questions you wish to know or ask. Feel free to drop us an email at
or you can leave us a comment at the comment column below. =)
Have a nice long weekend everyone !