SkinCare ❤ DIY Lemon Scrub

HEYYYY Beauties!! =D
It's SKINCARE time again~

We all knew that exfoliating is essential to remove dead cell/skin & give us a brighter, smoother & radiant look!
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Inspired by my sister's coffee scrub, I made a LEMON SCRUB ^__^
I love lemon, they contain so much goodness that I need! U know, Vit C!

Here's quick info about lemon =D
36% of Vitamin C in 1 lemon
- as an antioxidant to fight aging
- as whitening agent to brighten up our skin
- as curing agent that speed up skin rejuvenation by stimulating collagen formation.

8% of citric acid in 1 lemon
- as an antioxidant to fight aging, free radicals & wrinkles
- as an exfolitant to remove dead cells
- as whitening agent to cure pigmentation in skin
- boost collagen production

Lemon contain photosensitive agent. It's safer to do this during night time or avoid expose to strong light environment. We don't want produce more pigmentation / dark spot when we are curing them, right? =)

Avoid contact with open wound. Imagine the feeling when your wound contact with acid.. >__<"

Always do pad test for allergy.

To do LEMON scrub~~

This is what you need.
A lemon
Organic honey
Pure olive oil
Organic sugar
A bowl
A spoon

Squeeze lemon juice in a bowl.
Add few spoon of sugar, preferable granular sugar for better exfoliation. The amount of sugar is depends on how harsh you want your scrub to be. Good thing about DIY is you can customize it! ❤ Here I put 4 table spoons.
Add few drop of Olive oil for smooth application. Also clean & hydrate your skin.
Add honey. This is optional. I personally like add to honey in everything i made! hee~

This is what it look like after mixing them..

Apply on skin & scrub * in the shower *
Doesn't it smell GREAT? ^__^
Continue with routine skincare after shower. =)
For DIY skincare I suggest to finish them in one day, not to leave them overnight.

Here is what it look with scrub & without scrub.


Without scrub

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Good luck trying this out!
Take care~


  1. Nice scrub :) Will try it for sure !!!

  2. An amazing mix. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Your blog is very interesting. I will visit you often, Greetings from Spain!

    1. Thanks & you are very Welcome to visit here~ =D