Ribbon Hair Tie for Sale.

So recently we were approached by a friend who sells really pretty girly things.
The sent us some items and asked if we could help sell them or not.
and we thought hey why not.
Following are the ribbon hair tie.
If you're interested in it .. don't hesitate to drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Do take note that we only deal in Ringgit Malaysia and is only available to Malaysians only.
For those who prefer C.O.D do tell us as well and we shall see if we can co-inside everything for you or not.
For postage we only use Pos Malaysia .
Happy Browsing !

RB 1 - in off white colour and taupe colour

RB2- Peachy Cream colour with sequins

RB3- Light Yellow in Sequins

RB4 - Taupe coloured sequins 

RB 5- Black sequins 

If you need further information or is interested to the above product. do drop us an email at


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    1. Hello Mrs Lonely,
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