Health Care ❤ Bone!! What are your scale?

Well, here's come Sunday!!
Let's talk about Bones =D

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No, not this bones.
This is bones that going to be our topic today.
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For those who not updated by BeautifulThings facebook, I had a bone health and strength check up by Anlene at my internship host company, Top Glove last Thursday@09/08/12.

I took the morning session, filled up forms and quened for checking.
Only 3 simple steps for this.
1. Take off shoes
2. Put right feet up for water spray
3. Sit back and wait for few seconds for the instrument to run.

So i did this test and went for next stop, bone analysis by Anlene consultant.
Here is what happened..
She took my form, her eyes went back and forward from my result form to my face, and with doubtful yet still remaining professional face expression she asked:
How old are you? 
23. *so excited to see my result =)*

Do you drink tea or coffee often? 
nope. *True story*

Have you ever give birth?
No. *Er.. what's happening now??*

You see, Miss. You are at middle stage risk to get bone related disease.
And you only left 7 years to catch up back to normal stage of bone density.. bla bla *the rest of it I didn't manage to catch up because i still in shocking mode*
O_O *EH??*

In the scale from -2.5 to +2.5, I am at -1.9
At the age of 23 having the bone of 40. =___='''
So i back to office and read some bone related articles and nutrition imformation that can help improve my current situation.

Back to the point, I want to take this oppurtunity to share what I learned.

To build stronger & healthier bones, that's goes to dietary and exercise

For dietary

Calcium is essential in building strong & healthy bones. It's very important to include calcium in our diets. The TOP 10 dietary that contains calcium would be dried herbs, cheese, sesame seeds, tofu, almonds, flax seeds, dairy products (milk, yogurt etc), green leave vegetables (choose the dark green coloured leaves), brazil nuts, and herrings. Calcium is absorbed better into body at 500mg and taken together with meal.

For child below 8, recommeded calcium intake 800mg; 
For teenager between 9 to 18, recommeded calcium intake 1300mg;
For adult between 10 to 50, recommeded calcium intake 1000mg;
For old folks above 50, recommeded calcium intake 1200mg.

Don't forget about Vitamin D, which enhance our body to absorb calcium. The TOP 10 foods that rich in Vitamin D are cod fish oil, raw Atlantic herrings, fortified cereal, oyster, caviar, fortified soy products (soy milk, tofu), Salami/Ham/Sausage, fortified dairy products (milk, cheese, butter), eggs and mushroom. We can also get this supplement in phamarcy stores or get a sun bathe in the morning before 10am.
If you don't know your Vitamin D level, go for doctor or BP to run Vit D blood test.
For young, 200 I.U. 
For old folks, 400 - 600 I.U.

Collagen take part in 1/3 of bones composition. Included protein rich foods such as beans, fish, meat, cheese etc. 
Beside they can build your bones, collagen also good for skin elascity! =D

P/s: Please take note that do not exceed the recommended daily intake of supplements. We don't want risk for more health problem, right? =D 

For exercise..

I found out that weight training exercise work best for bones, which force us to work against gravity.
Here is the slide show that showed 10 weight training exercise that's go to our bone! Other than these,  try also walking, hiking, jogging, climbing stairs, tennis and dancing! Choose your favourites! Repeat these exercise regurlary for healthier than stronger bones!  

For more information can go to Anlene official website . Malaysian readers can click here to get a FREE bone check!
It's not a sponsored post, I just shared out goods and love to you all!

Do try out and tell us what's your results!
Any questions please comment below or drop us an email/message @ or our facebook page !

Until next time.

Good Luck & have a nice day

Much love from BeautifulThings.


  1. Before reading this post I much paid much attention to my bones. Didn't know it was THAT important to take care of them..
    Thanks a lot for the advice, and good with your bones.
    Blue star~

    1. I wasn't too before the bone check up!
      Good luck to you too!