What's in My Travel Handbag?

 So as many of you know, yesterday both admin of this blog
Leimun and Angie went on a one day road trip with one of our friends from Uni.
Her name is Shi Ying... She drove us there .
Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share out what I normally keep in my Travel Handbag !
I have quite a number of hand bags but this one in particular is the one I normally with take with me whenever I go travelling recently. 
It's nothing branded as you can see.
it is just a small handbag which my mom got for me from her Vietnam trip a couple of years ago.
I like it because of it's colour and size...
also it made me looked like a tourist ... just my 2cents of thought heheh...

So whenever I travel I don't exactly carry a lot of stuffs with me.
Just because I love to travel light and that I will do whatever I can to travel light. Yes that includes the clothes which I wear and the make up which I put on.
The first item which I carry around with me a lot is a recyclable bag.
This is a free one when I bought clothes from Giordano.
It has a zip which when unfold I'll have a shopping bag which is approximately the size of my handbag in the image above. It's so small and compact practically has no weight to it.   

Second Item I bring along with me is a purse by RIP CURL
In it I have all my ID's and some cash and necessary travel document in case if there is an emergency.
I have always liked using such purses because they make my money clean and unfolded .
do you get what I mean? lol.

Next I have in my bag is a Digital camera.
this is by Nikon Coolpix which is only 12 megapixel, 4 times optical zoom and has a 3 inch touch screen.
(I now know why Leimun takes better pictures, her camera specs is better than mine a lot ! lol )
I do have intention to get myself a slightly better Camera probably a DSLR or something but for now I'm pretty contented with this. It's small, light weight and it has a beautiful colour with a glossy finish to it. 

The forth item is a Sun Screen. This is Banana Boat Ultra Protection in SPF80 which means every 2 hour plus I need to apply new layer on my skin. Never ever leave home without a single layer of SPF protection. We don't want to put ourselves at risk getting skin cancer and hyper pigmentation when we are old do we?

Okay here's the deal, this is a not an  iPad but literally a Pad.
Let's face it . We are all females and yes on a monthly basis our 'auntie' from the other region will come visit us. But not all of our Aunties comes regularly. Sometimes due to unforeseen reason like stress or still having irregular times. Our period tend to go hay wire making it hard to track.
which at the end, it'll always be a bitch coming during important times like when we are in the middle of an important meeting, when we are attending someones wedding dinner or even worst when we are TRAVELLING !!!!
So it's always advisable to bring at least a pad or a pantyliner in your bags or purse whenever possible.
Optionally you can bring a tamp... it's all up to preference.
Definitely you don't have to be a shame about it. as you're not the only one who will be facing such issue.
Who knows maybe you might not have to use it  but your friend or someone else may face an emergency and need it . 

The sixth item which I have in my bag is an Antibacterial Cleansing Wipes by Antabax.
Which is basically a sanitizer, except that it comes in wet paper towel form. Which is way better.
Because I normally don't exactly fancy the dry feel coming from those hand sanitizer caused by alcohol.
This is useful seriously, my mom gave this to me.  She always has a pack in her bag. and I'm learning how to keep a pack in my bag as well..
Besides using it to clean your hand, you can also use it to wipe your face and feel refreshed.
No problem. It will not cause any irritation to your face.

I also have a bar of chocolate
Cadbury milk bar.
I didn't place this in my bag. It was given to me by admin Leimun.
Heheh... she bought this from
KK Mart and cost only RM2.80 per bar..
Not a bad idea actually to keep a chocolate bar in your bag.
As we all know, one of the main ingredients in Chocolate bars is sugar and Sugar gives us energy.
Therefore having a chocolate bar in the bag is good as it can not just give you energy but also help you balance your sugar level. (if you are prone to facing issues like low sugar level. )

The next item is a pack of medications. Mainly antihistamine and also extremely strong pain killer which my Skin Dermatology Specialist and Orthopedic Doctor gave me. 
I sometimes bring a long my Vaseline , But this time I forgotten about it totally.
 I have learnt to carry these medications around say about 2 years ago? when I started to have weird skin allergies due to particles or food which I eat or exposed to.
I don't know what I am allergic to, I only know when it comes I get a lot of those hives around my whole body and they looked ugly and they wont go away until like 123452424 hours. 
So that's why I keep medications with me wherever I go just in case I need it and I can't find a pharmacy nearby I can just simply pop one into my system and they will work like magic. ! 
As for the other pain killer which I have on standby. Well it's just some minor issue. 
Minor enough for the doctor to tell me to be extra careful as it can come back and was advised to go through physiotherapy...

As for beauty related item.
Normally I'll wake up and then go on with my whole face and eye make up routine and then that's about it.
 I only carry with me a lip balm by
Mentholatum Lip Ice. 
Which is extremely cute . This lip balm not only moisturizes your lips but also when you apply it on you'll get a light tinted pink shade after a couple of seconds... I always use it and will go WHOA MAGIC !
The other beauty product which I bring with me (the one in rectangular shape) 
is just the regular red lipstick (which i'm obsessed)
by Maybeline in the shade Are You Red-Dy
Like what I have mentioned before in my previous post
Red is really a very versatile colour and all females are encouraged to own at least one. 

Then of course I have my
Ray Ban aviator shades.
Basically don't ask me why I get it in this colour . I have always liked it this way. This is my second one after I sat on the first one and the shape went all crocked.
Thank you for your suggestions, I will try get one with a gold or silver rim or probably those huge shades which the Kardashians wear hahaha... lol...
Don't doubt me. It's original... hahaha

Owh I also have these little preserved fruit pallet...
Good to eat when you are feeling nausea , unwell or slightly indigestion
( not easy to get your hands on ENO okay)
It's sourish and it comes in this tiny bottles where you can share it with other people !

The last item which I keep in my bag is 
 a regular Black Ball Point pen with me. This is by Shaffer 
It's pink ! and has my name engraved to it.
Sometimes when I don't bring this pen with me I'll bring a normal G-2 Pilot black ink pen.
It's good to keep a pen in your bag. Any pen. You will never know if you suddenly need it
You know like to fill in forms for lucky draw or when the waiter's pen is so cheap you can't sign the bill...

And there you have it.
the 12 items which I keep in my travel handbag to my recent day trip to Melaka. 
If you have a what's in my travel handbag or handbag post do let us know and share it with us .

Owh owh, and before I forget 
Also I bring along a bottle of water. Except that it's not in my bag. I keep that 800ml bottled water in Leimun's bag... I was carrying it earlier.. and she was nice enough to let me place it in her back pack.
Heheh... Thank You Leimun...
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Until next time. You take care. and God Bless You... Have a wonderful week ahead.