Sleepless nights.

It's 3:30 am and I'm still wide awake. There are so many thoughts running trough my mind right now at this moment. Growing up is fun but it can also be the scariest thing.

Currently in the state of confusion and just don't felt like doing anything despite the fact that I have a couple of pending posts in my draft inbox. Do bear with me just a few more moments. And I promise you'll see a better post than this soon. Owh and guess what the Cat clawed me ....

Zzz she was siting on my lap and then suddenly my hand touched her butt and she went all defensive, bite me ( which was bearable) and then clawed me with her front legs (still bearable) and then she must have known I can take the pain she went on attacking me by kicking her hind leg!!!! ( pain rate: unbearable). She gave me a tripple combined combo. The claws instantly sink into my flesh and she just went on her little 'ripping spree' it's painful alright. Especially when you shower. It'll take me at least a week before the wound completely heals.

Until then you guys take care and stay safe. :)