SkinCare 101 - Skin anatomy ❤ how much do you know your skin?

We ladies had been taking care of our skin since young to keep them healthy, hydrated, radiant, look youth etc. 
How much do you know about your skin? 
Besides that its an organ that covered up your body and as your first appearance to people?

Let's look deep and get to know about your skin.. 

Skin contains 70% water, 25% protein, and 3-5% fat! Skin is the largest organ that made up of three layers, which are epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous. 

Inside epidermis..
(i) Stratum corneum 
     The most outter layer of skin that consists of dead skin cells. 
     Natural exfoliation happened at the rate of 30,000 per minute. The new cells from the bottom layers of epidermis push up until they reach to this layer. This natural exfoliation cycle repeat at every 2 to 4 week period. We do exfoliation twice per week to remove these dead cells and enhance the cells over turn. This can prevent dead cell build up and dull skin. 

(ii) Squamous cells
      This is where keratin made. Our hair, skin, and nails are made up from this protein.

(iii) Basal cells
       Bottom layer of epidermis that produce new cells. Most cancerous cells are arise from here! >__<

(iv) Melanocytes
      Don't you just frustated by the spots and pigmentation on your skin?
      Yea.. it's them. Melanocytes cells not only produce melanin, but also cancerous. >__<

The thickest layer where all big stars allocate and do all important regulations.
(i) Nerve fibers: temperature sensor, pressure sensor, touching sensor and etc. Whatever you feel from your hand/ fingertips; That'a all there! =D

(ii) Fat cells: for protection and temperature regulation.

(iii) Blood vessels: for deliver oxygen, nutrients and temperature regulation.

(iv) Sweat and oil glands: temperature regulation. We stay comfy in our constant temperature range, don't we? Credits go to them!

(v) Elastin: Protein that gives skin elasticity. Here you get your bouncy skin!

(vi) Collagen: Protein that produced by fibroblast. Gives skin its strength and durability. 
hmm~ Considering my skin condition, I should get one. =/

Bottom layer of skin that consists of subcutaneous fat and connective tissue that essential in providing energy and protection. How? 
 These fats acts as heat insulator, that not only can trap heat but also provide heat to you when you're cold. Awesome, right? =)
As protection, I mean they act as shock absorber. They protect our inner tissue and organs from shocks and injuries. 
Well, I don't recommend too much of fats because they will make you fat! Let's go for Fit than Fat. =) 
Last but not least, don't forget about our sweat glands! They do important in perspiration and temperature regulation. 


After know and understand our skin anatomy, we can analysis how to make our skincare products work their magic effectively, instead of blocked by very first layer of skin?

In order to make our skin look radiant and healthy, 
- do exfoliate regulary (twice or once in a week), 
- clean our skin, 
- keep them hydrate and, 
- make sure our skin care products penatrate into dermis layer! 

Hee.. That's all from me today. 
Hope this little knowledge I learned may help in your way to beautiful skin ^_^
Do comment below or email us @ Beautiful Things about your thoughs how to keep your skin healthy.

Good9zzz and Take care 

Love ❤


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