Skin Care - DIY Foot treatment & mask ❤

Feel embrassed to show dry & chapping feet?
In this hot and 365 summery days in Malaysia, we cannot avoid to show our feet in sandal and flip flop.

Me, myself have a very very dry feet. I been hiding them in sport shoes for long time, especially now I'm working which is required to wear fully closed shoes for safety purpose.
After 5 days buried my feets in dark dungeon, It's time to free them to sunshine!

Due to my cheapness $$, I want to DIY foot mask by using whatever in my kitchen, instead of buy a packed readily foot mask from market.

Here is what I gt..

Part of the items used. =)
Natural yogurt 
Contained lactic acid that help to dissolve dead skin, help smooth and exfoliate skin! you all know how much I ❤ it from previous post!

Foot file
To remove dead cells & smoothen skin

To dry feet.. (lolx, of cuz!)

Warm water + dead sea salt
To relax, soften dead skin & enhance blood circulation

Plastic bags
To wrap & trap yogurt for better absorption

Rosken Dry Skin Hydrating Lotion with Vitamin E

To wrap & trap lotion for better absorption. Here I used long socks, to cover up to my knee

To scoop up yogurt. For hygien purpose..

To apply yogurt


1. Prepare and add 1 spoon of dead sea salt into warm water.

2. Soak feets into warm water for 15 to 20 minutes in order to help blood circulation & soften the dead cells. (Remember test water temperature o~ )
Ahh~ I love soaking feet in warm water.. ❤

3. File and scrub feet to remove dead cells & to smoothen rough areas (especially at ball of the foot)

4. Pat dry feet with towel.

5. Apply natural yogurt onto feet & wrap them with plastic bags. Wait for 30 minutes~
Wee~ Look ugly & need be extra careful when walk around with this plastic. So slippery >__<

6. Wash off the yogurt and apply moisturizer with 3 times more amount than usual!
I'm fans of Rosken Dry Skin Hydrating Lotion with Vit E. So moisturizing! ❤ this so much! 

7. Lastly, Wear socks & sleep with them through the night~ =D
Hello! pink socks! Feel warm warm inside so comfy, especially in this chill rainy night~

For better result, repeat step 6 & step 7 every night to get smooth & hydrated feet! =D

Hee hee~ happy trying out this treatment and feel free to share out your thoughts at below comment or email us at!

Good9zzz everyone~

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