Skin care - DIY cucumber mask ❤

Who doesn't like effective and cheap skincare products that will give us good and healthy skin condition?

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Star of today is CUCUMBER!
This humble green vegetable have lots of goodness that essential to our skin!
In fact, some skincare products contained extract of cucumber.

So, what's inside a cucumber that make it good to our skin?
Water - Yay for hydrating the skin!

Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) - brighten skin
(Chinese always have perspection of fair skin can cover imperfection of skin 一白遮三丑)

Caffeic acid - an antioxidant, and also shown antiimmunology and antiinflammatory activities, which is good for acne skin.

Silica - promote collagen bones in 100 times, in other  words, anti aging, wrinkles fighting.
(I need this most! time wait for no girls. I honestly think that everyone should start anti aging skincare in their early 20's)

Okay, come to the point, how to make use of cucumber?

First, prepare this!

01. Cucumber mesh scrub/exfoliator
      Mesh cucumber and apply onto skin. Rub gently in circular motion to remove dead skin. Rinse off and there, you gt a CLEAN face.

02. Cucumber juice toner
      Get the cucumber juice, put it into refrigerator for few minutes and apply on skin.

03. Cucumber yogurt moisturizer

      As the name tell, mix cucumber mesh and juice and yogurt in ratio 1:1 and apply on skin. Wait for 15 minutes and rinse off.

04. Cucumber eye pad
      This is common and old application of cucumber. Apply cucumber slices to eyes can reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. (I still remember when I'm a kid, most of the HK movies women put 2 slice of cucumber on their eyes when do mask.)

I personally think that cucumber mask work best for dehydrated and sun damage skin. It is so refreshing while and after applying it ❤

Have fun trying this out!

Have a nice day! 


  1. Wow! I never knew cucumber was so full of good stuff. Is this why you always see people with cucumbers on their eyes?

    1. @ Lisa Peters, thank you so much for visiting our blog and reading our post on DIY cucumber mask. You have no idea how much encouragement it meant for us. We hope you will try that home made mask and then come tell us what you think about it.

      Optionally , If you are slightly lazy than I am ( not like Leimun haha) you can blend the cucumbers together till the consistency of cucumber juice. Then with a cotton pad , you can soak up them up and place it in a zip lock bag and freeze it in the freezer. Voila ! cucumber eye pads ! Use it in the morning by leaving it at the counter just to let it defrost a little and I can assure you, you'll love it.

      We also want to say that we have visited your blog and it's really informative. We hope you would not mind us placing a link here that goes straight to your blog... =) Take care, and God bless =)

  2. yes, after i study on this, i understand why old hongkong movie showed a women put 2 cucumber on their eyes. XD