Road trip down to south! Melacca, Histrorical Town

If you have followed us in Facebook page or Twitter , you'll know that Last Saturday both Beautiful Things' admins had a road trip down South with mutual friend, ShiYing! (SY) So nice of her driving us around. =)

I'll let the pictures do the talking. Here goes ~

Our journey begins wish SY driving all the way from PJ to KL Sentral to pick me up. Then together both drove half way down south to pick up Angie from a Drive-Thru Mc Donalds... Armed with a GPS in hand we venture into a Journey into the Unknown.

Note: it's not our first time to Melaka but it's our first time driving there.

Because both SY and I had to wake up earlier than Angie, She was being kind enough to to make us some Sardine Sandwiches for us... I must be hungry that day because the Sandwich tasted extremely Yummy !!!
May I introduce our friend here ----> Shiying (SY). Thanks Angeline for prepared sandwiches for us ❤
Everywhere in Melaka is congested  with car
Upon reaching, all 3 of us frantically applied Sun Screen in the car. It's only about 11am and it was extremely hot and humid... We brought along  water to keep us hydrated, umbrella to shield ourselves from the sun and sun glasses to protect our eyes from bad UV sun Rays... I even bought a cap !!!

You guys who stays at Melaka, I salute you !!!! You guys can really take the weather here. XD
At parking lot. Walk like a boss

We visited , quite a number of places. Took quite a number of pictures.

Angeline, elephant & SY. Big smile on face @ 1st station

Stuffed our mouth with food !

Waiting for tong sui @ Jonker street

Ice Kacang, Mixed fruit ice & Mango ice

So crowded @ san shu gong

On our way to Red House

Angeline & me (Leimun) ❤

So hot & sunny!! Umbrella, Sun block, Shades & cap are essential!

SY & Angeline @ water fountain, Red House

Christ Church Melaka, Red House
Posing Angeline, Leng mou? XD

Me & Angeline =)

SY & Angeline

Saw this fat cat taking nap under tree~

Posing posing~

People every where !  

And so we found Nadeje after circling the area for a couple of times. We noticed that where ever you see people lining up in long ques, you'll know that that shop must be some famous shop. Anyway. below is a picture of me in line. Angie wasn't feeling we gracefully allowed her to sit at KFC while we que up. 

Almost half an hour later when she came back to check on us... We are still at the same area... The line hardly moved...

Lucky us... shortly after that, a waiter came out and asked if there is any packs of 2-3 in the line and Angie and I quickly say "US ! WE HAVE 3" and so was lead in ... You should see the face on the other customers who have been waiting equally as long as us probably longer. heheh... as though they are about to eat us up.. But oh well.. heheh...

So our mille cake arrived..... We ordered one slice each. Angie in Double Chocolate, Me in Original and SY in Green tea. It tasted delicious. Very soothing and most importantly not too sweet. .... 

We even ordered drinks , mine is just a regular latte which was on offer that day, Angie ordered Angel Heart (because she was attracted to the colour and name of it ) and SY had normal warm water. 

Its really feel good hanging out with girlfriends and get a weekend runaway!
Looking forward for our next trip. Hehee~ Till then!

Ps: Will be needing a New place/Location for the next trip, feel free to let us know where is your favourite getaway, nice and EXCITING food and activities! ;)!

Okay, until next time~
Bye, and take care ❤