Quick Update iPhone Applications

 I have been really bored lately staying at home waiting for phone calls to go for an interview and such.
So During my free time or when ever i felt like it ,I would often text Kai Xiuan  just to bug him at work.
Or do something random and then sit there watching TV,
Suddenly I realize school life is way more fun.
Plain staying at home is boring;
being a housewife is mundane;
one can never exactly shop till they drop (you'll get tired eventually)
and then the cycle comes back to square one sitting at home bugging people who are working.
Working is not fun, but at least it keeps us occupy and something to look forwards to .
yes the money in the bank just keep growing fatter and fatter each month.
Anyway, to help me kill some boredom 
Kai Xiuan introduced me to this Apple application named

Lol... see that yellow annoying looking icon, That is SIMSIMI.
(ignore typing class application please haha)
I'm telling you this little devil is quick witted
Not a bad idea playing it to kill some time. hahaha...
The application is pretty much like a random Question and Answer session with a friend.
The speed of the replies is depending on your internet data or wifi speed..
If the speed is too slow or have Simsimi has no idea what it is then it will reply
saying network connection error.
Other than that, it's pretty fun to 'chat' with this little Man Tou (bun)-like- it.
sometimes Simsimi can be so hurtful ,I think you immediately can have high blood pressure.. haha
So, yeah, Simsimi is not for those with  faint heart ..
Images below are some print screen chat logs between Simsimi and I . 


  1. LOL counting money so rich! hahahaha this apps can make you addict for awhile XD

    1. Yeah... That mini thing is annoying.. but somehow it's fun to play with... =)