Nail Art ❤ swirling colours in the dark

It's been ages I didn't do nail post.
I know! I'm so sorry
Have been caught up by work >__<" 
*eheh..bad excuse... *

I done this nails 2 weeks ago, inspired by Black & White nail challenge Day 4: Black base with colours & a batik bag.

I painted my nails black, then I dipped few drops of different colours onto my nails. Before they dried, I swirled the colours with dotting tools/toothpick/pen in circular and random motions to mix these colours.
See, aren't they turn out stunning? ^__^

To do this, all actions need to do real quick when the nail polish is still wet.
When they drying, it's hard to swirl and the result, is a mess. All sticked together =(
Yea right.. I failed on 1st trial. =__=

Nail polishes & tools that I used:
Etude House Base Coat
Essence quick dry top coat

TheFaceShop BK901 (Black)
Eleanor Nail Enamel ENP035 (Purple)
Elianto 27 (Turquoise)
Elianto S01 (Yellow)
Elianto S12 (Hot pink)
Essence Multi Dimension XXXL Nail Polish 68 Perfectly True (White)

Dotting tools
----    ----    ----    ----    ----    ----    -----    ----    ----    ----

Ready for Photos~

Outdoor lighting with batik

Outdoor light. *PS: I ❤ roses curtain*
With spotlight ON
How do you find this nails??
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Good luck and take care~


  1. Hi zack here. I m asking on behalf of my female friend. How to make the nail polish long lasting? Any special substance (or tools lol) required to shield the Polish from fading?

    1. hi zack, honestly nail polish on my nails usually only stay for 2-3 days as i frequently changes them according to my mood or clothes. So i cannot really tell which top coat/ tools to prevent polishes from fading.
      I think a good top coat will help to make polish stay; and base coat not only help protect nails but also make the polishes stick on nails better.

      hope this can help u.