July Favorites !

So as July is coming to an end.
I thought it would be extremely interesting to post up
This isn't something new. I have seen it around before
I just never thought of doing it... heheh...
So this months July favorites .
I will be sharing my top 5 items.
they are mainly items which I often reach for and use
a combination of beauty and non related beauty products.
So here goes...
First on the list is
The Body Shop , Cheek and Lip stain...
This product I have been having it for quite some time..
When I first bought it I was obsessed over it .
Then I stopped using it for quite some time because I was busy and practically have no time to do my hair and make up..

But recently after coming back home from uni , I fell in love with it again. I started using it almost on a daily basis. 
Whenever I go on errands just to give my self a tint of colour as I naturally do look pretty pale sometimes
I also use it whenever I decided to do a full face make up
This is Lip and Cheek stain is just perfect, The colour is buildable where if you think

you want a more intense shade you can keep on adding new layer on your lip and cheek.
Definitely comparable to the Benetint by Benefit
comparatively The Body Shop colour is much more stronger than the Benefit one.. 

So I think just one swipe on your skin and you are good to go..
I normally just apply a layer of lipbalm and top it with this lip and cheek stain.. 

as for my cheeks I will often either just apply on directly to give my face that flushing look or make it act as a  
base where i put on a thin layer of stain on my cheek and then top it off with my favourite blush. 
beware not to go heavy handed on the blush else you'll look like you have 2distinguished looking apples 

The next product is also one of my favourite
Probably one which I will remember forever. haha
It's pretty special as there is a story behind it. 
This was actually given to me by my Boyfriend. 
As many of you know I have pretty sensitive skin
and I don't like using liquid foundation if I can (because some brand gives me those weird rash)
and definitely I am one of those people who is not willing to spend half of my allowence or salary on an expensive pressed compact powder
but for some reason I am okay with Maybeline brand.. Have been using their pressed foundation for quite sometime now.
Anyway, my boyfriend and I went shopping just a couple weeks back and the while walking he saw this !.
Call me ignorant , but I have never seen such mini one before this okay.
I was like all excited and happy looking through it. 
and then suddenly my Boyfriend just took it off the shelve and went paying it at the counter.
yes he got it in the right shade. 
For some reason I always force him to learn more about my make up stuff and then always telling him which shade I use for which brand and whats my favourite go to colour and such. 
so I'm really proud to say he actually knew me quite well..
Embarrassingly way better than me knowing him...
so yeah I've been using this since.. Came just round the right time when mine at home was about to finish..
Such compact size I can easily slip it in my handbag and I'm ready to go...
practically weightless...
It's not so much about the price but the heart that counts.. He bought a lot of stuff for me already. =) 

The third item is actually an anklet .
I bought this with my 2 other friends at Melaka. 
The price was actually very reasonable. 
We each bought one with a different design. 
My whole life I only have like 3 of these anklet. 
It was Admin Leimun , who actually influenced me to fall in love with such simple accessories. 
I've been wearing this quite often even since I bought it and proudly telling my friends the story behind it. 

The forth item which is my favorite must have is this roundish rat tail comb. 
I couldn't remember the price for this comb but you can easily buy it from Guardians.
Well this comb actually works like a 2 in one.
where besides giving your hair that body you want when you blow dry your hair.
it also acts like a teaser which can easily help you tease your hair giving it a fuller look perfectly. 
The sharp end helps to section out the hair easily . 
Love Love Love... 
I've been enjoying seeing my hair perfectly blown into shape every time I come out from the showers. 
It doesn't matter if I'm heading to town or not I just enjoy looking pretty. heheh

The last item is a Brush cleaner. 
It pretty much looks like rake from it's design hahaha... 
but it's actually used to clean your brush... 
tiny in size but have to admit a very powerful tool lol.. hahaha
cleans my brush perfectly... 
Safe me from a lot of time wasting. 
and I no longer have to pick out the hair from my brush bit my bit with my finger ...
This tool does the dirty job for me... hehe
I now have ever so clean looking brush ...

That's all for my July Favorites. 

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Take care. 


  1. where did u get the brush cleaner???? I want it too :)

    1. Hey girl... you're good.. I made a mistake with my spelling and word there... need to edit them out... Cleaner not cleanser...

      Anyway , I got mine from Aeon Jusco.. only cost RM3.90 , you can find it around the Shampoo area on the rack at the side of the shelves... It's a very useful tool.. =)you gotta have it ...