I Want to Try on That Product.Swapping Cosmetics?.. But Is It Safe?

Are there times where you actually visits forums and then there will be a column
where members are allowed to discuss about products and subsequently make swap.
Cosmetic swapping is an activity where members inter-swap their products. 

Pretty much like a win -win situation
 between members who bought the product but may find it slightly not suitable for their skin type or preferences and you on the other hand also has a product which you are willing to let go in order for you to
come to a mutual deal and then
be able to swap with other members
When it comes to cosmetics , Normally I don't particularly like to share it with people
due to hygienic purposes
I always try to keep it professional by
separating cosmetic products which I use on myself and products which I use on other people.
even so , I will make sure I sanitize them nicely before I use it or another person uses it.
Tools and Products has to be cleaned and sanitized constantly or else it bacteria built up may cause infection and acne issues.
So back to the post.
Most of us will be pretty skeptical
Constantly thinking what if it products are contaminated?
will it make me break out? will it cause any unwanted infections?
No worries ! I have a solution for you. 
Swap responsibly XD
This technique can be used before you send your product out and after you received the swapped product..
All you need are just rubbing alcohol .
I had mine in 95% of alcohol.
You can find one which is slightly lower than that..
The ones which has higher content of alcohol is okay but it will cause your skin to get real dry and uncomfortable.
So here goes.
Lets take for an example 
Below are the 2 items which I want to swap with another beauty-holic
I've used it a couple of times and clearly it's being contaminated one way or another.
So what do I do? 

All you need is just a cotton ball and some rubbing alcohol.
Yes it's as easy as that.

Remove the cover and cap carefully.
Place the cotton ball over the the rim and tilt slightly till the rubbing alcohol dampen the cotton ball.
You'll know there substance is on the cotton ball when you
have that slightly breezy and airy feel on your fingers. That's more than enough.

With that dampen cotton ball.
Generously clean out your eye shadow pan.
Especially when there are like harden crust on the surface. Which is caused by oil and can have massive bacteria built up.
Yes, you can loose quite an amount of product during this process.

After you have cleaned it, leave the product on the table to be air dry for a couple of minutes.
For lighter colours, you can see that the top layer colour is slightly darker.
It's okay don't worry. It is only there temporarily.
After you have cleaned it,
You'll have something which looks like this. 

It's the same for lip products.
You just need to have some rubbing alcohol on the cotton ball and then generously clean the surface of the lipstick.
Normally after this process I would take a  facial tissue and once again wipe off the first layer of the lipstick. hehe... 

And Voila ! your products are ready to be swapped !...
All you need to do now is to place them in a box and be on your way to the nearest post office.

As for the used up cotton balls.
Well, just dispose them into the waste paper basket.
You wouldn't be needing them anymore. 

TIP:  You can remove the crust on thee surface of your cosmetic product by using a cosmetic spatula. If you don't have one simply just use anything which have a flat surface to it ... Scrape it off and clean it with the some rubbing alcohol. 


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    1. Thanks girl... =) you can also use this method to clean your personal use cosmetics... Have fun trying on it..

  2. What a really good idea,will keep that in mind if i ever had a swap/sell section on my blog :P

  3. nice ... hope you find it informative girl =)