Graduation Blues?

It's been a few days already since I last slept well. I've been trying to search for an answer. There are all sorts of issues which is going through my mind.

It is that feeling. The same feeling when i was transitioning from elementary to primary school . Primary to secondary school. And now it's back to haunt me.... My transition from from exiting university entering the real world. This time it's much much more scarier.

It is a feeling which I don't really know how to explain. It's a mixture of everything. Suddenly... I was just afraid of growing up. So much responsibilities dawn on me all of the sudden. I just don't know where to begin you know. I'm worried I choose the wrong path.

I felt so paralyzed and have all this self inflict sickness. Just to give myself an excuse to shut myself from the world.I just want to sit at home and protected by from the world. It is a feeling that not everyone know how to relate to when you tell them. Some people may just dismiss you and say 'you're not scared you're merely lazy' 'how can you not love working, it gives you the greens you need to buy all that stuff you have been craving ! ', ' bullshit mixed feeling you don't want come out from comfort zone' or even 'hey you know what you should work here this place give you good career advancement'

Truth is it is not all that. It is not about mot willing to leave my protective shell or bullet proof vest behind.It's just that feeling right there.. I don't know how to explain..if there is a choice i would have bolt my way out into the war zone and kill everyone who is in my way...It is times like this where i wish I'm some rich mans kid. You know everything easy breezy... Career path beautifully paved by my folks.. Watching tv drama and soap just isn't that fun anymore. What I see on tv will only remain as a fairy tale fiction. Not at all reliable.

I was worried that I'm the only person on planet earth *smirk* who faces such issue. I was thinking of getting professional help. But hey. I'm not born with a golden or silver spoon in my mouth. Yeah, don't have that amount of income to hire a psychologist.

So my fastest solution is google it online. Then I found out. I'm not the only person who faces insecurities. The mixed up feeling. Refuses to grow up. I'm extremely glad that I am not the only person who is afraid of working and I'm definitely not the only person who has various different kinds of responsibilities.

I learnt that what I'm facing now is something called the Graduation blues. Apparently I'm not the only joker on planet earth who faces such problem. There are countless many others who are also facing the same problem in transition.

The fastest solution. Is to first accept the fact. Change your (my) perspective. And start slowly in building your own career at your own pace. Set yourself small goals to begin with and work your way towards it. One must definitely slowly learn from experience.

Google is amazing. I really learn a lot from these people who are way more experience than me willingly sharing and teaching and giving morale support. It is time for me to learn step by step. Well, no babies know how to walk the second they come see the world.

So I'd you are also one of them who are facing the Graduation Blues. Don't be afraid to address it. You're not alone. Come together and share our experience learn and grow slowly. I'm sure everyone will be able to make it in life.

I'll pray to God that he will bless you who are reading this abundantly. Bless you with the strength and wisdom that you really need. Take care. Remember you are not alone.