Defender -T Pepper Spray !

I went to Mid Valley to shop yesterday 
and I came back buying only one item. 
yes just one item alright...
and it's from Ace Hardware.
A pepper spray !

So with the increasing number of crime rate recently .
I figured its no longer safe to walk on the streets be it alone or with the company of someone else.
People nowadays are becoming more and more notorious
you will never know what's gonna happen.
Some circumstances such as snatch theft and robbery are unavoidable 
but being a victim of molestation or kidnapping may be avoided
The pepper spray may not be able to keep you safe like 100%
But at least it is good enough to spare you a couple of minutes to bolt off to a place with more people or shout for help.
I have been avoiding purchasing a pepper spray as I often joke about with people saying that hey 
when you are shocked and stressed you may not grab the pepper spray itself you know. You probably grab a sample mascara, a lipstick or even a tampon instead !!!

Lets face it . the size of the pepper spray is pretty similar to those product don't you think.
Not anymore... For the sake of my safety purpose. I bought the Defender-T !!!!

It is only the size of my palm, light weight and easy to use. 

you just have to flip the actuator from the left to the right and then FIRE !!!!
The instructions says to aim at the eyes , nose and mouth !!
Also they suggest that you shield your face when firing (use your fingers and palm) haha
I'm yet to give it a test run as suggested by them at the back of the package.
But i think it's okay.. 

Here is the best part. They only cost RM13.90 each !!
 and i bought 3 !!! not just for my own use larr XD
I mean how reasonable are they...
Totally worth it.
At least I'm taking precaution to avoid myself from any trouble...
*choi* *chhoi* *touch wood*

So ladies. I hope you guys will get yourself a pepper spray.
To be on the safe side. Just hold on to it when ever you are walking alone back from school or work.
Avoid walking at dark alley alone and DO NOT hesitate to fire whenever you feel you are in potential danger.
Self Defense is not a crime ! =)