88 Shimmer Palatte

So just the other day, another package arrived at my doorstep !!!

And for some really weird reason I just get really excited whenever a letter or a parcel arrived just for me.
Especially when it's parcel.. It felt like as though Christmas came early this year. 
All you want to do is to rip the whole brown packaging apart and see whats inside
(despite the fact I already knew what's in there)
It's just that feeling of joy. The excitement of receiving something.
Especially when you are doing online shopping. 
Somehow you are feeling very hopeful that the package arrived safely and you don't have to go through the long process of contacting the seller and send the goods back and wait just another time.
The moment you see your package is safe and everything is okay 
You'll be extremely relieve. 
Anyway, lets not talk about unrelated stuff that much... 
The parcel above actually contains my
88Shimmer palette..

 I didn't buy the Coastal Scents one. I just bought this from one of the random dealer who sells this at a pretty reasonable price
Slightly cheaper from the original price.
I've been wanting a set of these for quite some time already.
Was having a hard time deciding which to choose from.
To buy the original one from one of the re-seller or to get one from some random dealer.
So to help me make this decision which will affect not just my emotion but also the limited amount of
money I have in my bank ... I actually went on ahead Google
and the returned results?
I found out many claim that these are the same product from the same manufacturer.
Coastal Scents (CS) was said to be still considered in the low to mid end range.
They all came from China.
The reason why the CS ones are more expensive is because they printed their
registered company name on it. 
whilst the palette which we buy are slightly cheaper because there is no company name whatsoever printed on it. 
I visited various other beauty forum and those ladies swear it is the same product.  LOL.
So I went on ahead to youtube and practically went about watching tutorials 
and begin to notice that those gurus who mention you can buy the 88 shimmer palatte on eBay, most don't have that CS logo...
That's when I have decided to try my luck and get myself one set of these.
The Seller was so kind , he actually put maximum protection to my parcel
and the eye shadows arrived safely.
Yes there were 88 of them and they came with a built in mirror and also 2 sponge tip applicator
 and I got mine with a Shimmer finish.
Above image is the sponge tip applicator which I mentioned earlier.
Then here is a swatch
where i just dip my fingers directly into the pan .
Click to enlarge the image and you can tell it is highly pigmented.

This is another image of the swatch (finger dipped directly into the pan)
 Then I went on ahead applying some eye base to the back of my hand and with that 3 fingers which I had just dipped directly from the pan, I swiped it down on the back of my hand.
These are the results of it.. Even more intense. 

For those who prefer eye shadow colour which are less intense.
Images below are swatches which I have used a buffer brush to buff out the harsh line.
look at it , isn't this amazing. The colour is still there, less intense totally wearable. 

Very beautiful and satisfied. For the price I pay I think it is worth it. The quality of the product is very impressive and highly pigmented.
As for the size of the little bullet pan. I have no idea about it but from what i see it's only about the size of a Smarties Sugar Coated Chocolate candy.
Very tiny !
But hey you get 88 different colours to choose from..
I think it's a very good bargain. I can make various different looks with it.
I was so excited about getting the palette I went on ahead trying our with juts a simple eye look. 

Yes with eye base and buffed it out, I should have added some darker shade to help make my eyes have that deeper definition. heheh
I was just too excited about it. 

Thank You so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed my review. If you have any questions regarding this product feel free to drop us a comment. If you are too shy , you can email us at