Best Ice-Kacang Ever !!!!

This is one of the best ice Kacang I have ever tasted !!!
You can only find it in Serdang, near the old wet market ..Sold in a very very old shop house.

My mom always bring me here when I was younger.
Red or yellow syrup what's your pick? Mine is the red syrup with extra red bean and extra jelly and extra condensed milk! Simple and yummy best of all it's only RM 1.20.

Yes it comes in a small rice bowl. Hey for the price you pay. This is a steal okay. Best dessert ever!! Especially during the hot sunny days. Yummy…

Pictures are taken using iPhone4. ( unedited just so it looks original XD) So I'm sorry if the picture quality is low. Need to download some application so I can place a watermark there just for fun.