AEON Yearly Members Sales 18.7.2012

On Wednesday 18.7.2012
I join my mom to Aeon yearly members sales
it happens only once a year.
where each Aeon branch has their specific date.
It was crazy !
People have started to que in line waiting to park their cars as early as 7 am !
I was there at about 7:40am and my mom and I had to wait for about 10 minutes before we can get into Aeon parking zone. We then had to go round searching for a parking slot
which thank god by about 8am we found a perfect slot ...
For some reason I was just so curious what's going on inside the mall..
I keep wanting to go in but my mom insist that we should take something light
because she said she will in shopping in there till noon.
so we went to a nearby mamak (no picture of it)
and guess what !!
The mamak was full house !!!
to save up time I insist on eating just Roti Kosong and drinking Teh Ais
Yeah for some reason seeing so many people in there I just want to join them and see what Aeon has to offer hahaha
So I literally shoved down that Roti Kosong down my throat and the Teh Ais just help fasten the process.
Then while walking back to the mall,
my mom stopped by our car again and took out a trolley bag and a bottle of water.
Whoa, I looked at my mom and said
"now I feel like I'm ready ... all geared up to enter war zone."
Low and Behold !!!! Before I even step into the main door, I was greeted with this pile of groceries goods...
I'll Let the picture do the talking...

Can you see the sea of people ? it's like only 8:25am and some of them already finish buying !

Then I walked slightly further up and I can hardly move !!!

Other shops are still closed... look so deserted .

This is another view of Aeon, While I was on my way up to the first floor taking the escalator

more closed shops.

One of the area at the center court where they sell male clothes

Up to 70% discount...
Weird though... not many people around this department.

This is the so called real deal. When I enter the departmental area
Shoes on sales

Wacoal bra for RM 20 !!!!
Is true you know I was there searching through my size but unfortunately none suit me
For the price you are about to pay well lets just say that the colour selection is pretty limited and striking !!!
yes like yellow , blue and brownish but hey RM20 weih ! and it's Wacoal !
Aeon actually hired DJ to this event where they aired fast beat songs.
and those who actually study business course would understand how Music can actually affect peoples purchasing pattern and mood. Yes , which means more compulsive buying with such quick rush of adrenaline . hahaha.. good marketing skills. 

Look. that little trolley bag which my mom made me carry about to keep clothes which we wanted.

It'll tale forever to get into the fitting room.
So I actually see ladies doing this to one another

The pile at the front are all 50%- 70%
At this point I decided to retreat from the war zone. and stood at the area where they sell normal priced item. haha

look I'm hiding nicely while ladies scrambled about searching for goodies

This is the sports area... Running shoe sales up to 70% 

Even storage boxes are on sales. I saw those auntie buying like about 20 of them and was wondering why do they need so much...

Several counter are opened for you to redeem your gift voucher

 I'm right outside from the 'war zone'

See that yellow tag at the far end left? That's the Happy Hour banner
They are having sales for Akemi and some other brands
so they actually placed like a whole lot of comforter sets of all sizes on the floor area and people are all running there grabbing few sets for themselves

The kids also have their own section . Many major brands were having sales for kids and baby wear as well

It's already about 11 by now and look at Starbucks,
so empty... it's normally not like so.

By now the situation at the groceries area is more under control. LOL

You can buy boxes and boxes of goods at a discounted price

Pads are also on mark down price

And so my Mom and I left Aeon Seremban 2 around 12:30pm
the aftermath and verdict..
How much did we spend there?
We spend almost RM1k there.
How much discount are they offering?
Up to 70% discount for certain item while some others are just slightly marked down
Are the goods really that cheap?
Some are while others are just well slightly marked down. Comparatively the members sales last year was way better. More stuffs were on crazy marked down prices. This year we had to pay Parking fees , last year was free.
So why still buy so much?
Well We didn't exactly buy a lot there are a couple of items which we bought such as lingerie and shoes and handbags respectively the prices cost almost rm100 each even after marked down... People still buy a lot because they can actually claim gift voucher for every RM100 they purchased. So it's somewhat worth it.
So in conclusion my mom and I mostly see and only buy necessary stuff. but it is really fun to be around so many people looking out for interesting stuffs to touch and feel.
Did I regret going to this members sales, considering not much and so many people?
No not at all.. Never regret even a single second.I may not be able to win those ladies in shopping War but definitely I had a lot of fun spending time with my mom and looking through stuffs and seeing how people behave and all.. It's fun to observe.