shopping haul at MidValley Megamall

Happy sunday! 
I have a very enjoyable shopping and gathering with my best friends at MidValley Megamall =D

Of course, I will not back home with empty hands whenever I visit a mall.
More over, they are having mid year sales! 
yayyy for cheaper price! \(^o^)/~

First shop we visit is Coci-coci at 1st floor, center court. 
I bought Essence Multi Dimension XXXLshine nail polish in 68 Perfectly True and a sharpener.

Essence multi dimension xxxl shine nail polish no 68 perfectly true rm8.90

Essence sharpener rm4.90

 After lunch at Pasta Zanmai we headed to Sasa at Ground floor. 
 Mid year sales. *hahhaha who doesn't love discount?*

This is what I get for myself, hee =)

Mentholamtum Anti-Aging Q10 Lip Gel 
My lips are getting old, it started to have fine lines and easily dry. The information and ads is good enough to persue me to get this baby home.

Mentholatum Anti-Aging Q10 Lip Gel rm10.90
This product claimed to be maintain healthy youthful-looking lips by improving elasticity and reduce fine lines while keeping lips moist and soft. 
*hmm~ sound suitable for my condition.*

It contain 3 main ingredients:
CoQ10 helps to delay ageing and maintain healthy and youthful-looking skin.
Ceramide locks-in and provide long lasting moisture to lips. Effective protection against chapped and sensitive lips.
Maxi-Lip helps to reduce fine lines and keeps lips supple.

Eleanor Rose Hand Cream

Eleanor Rose Hand Cream rm9.90 (correct me if i mistake)
I heart their packaging so girly and cute, it have pleasant rose fragrance that caught my heart when I test it. The non-oily texture give it a plus too!
Sasatinnie Gentle Touch Sea Clay Body Scrub with Seaweed extracts

Sasatinnie Gentle Touch Sea Clay Body Scrub rm6.90 (discount 50%)

It have a summer theme package with beach, starfish, sand and sea in blue packaging.
It smell good, matching wih its packaging, fresh.
This product claimed contains sea clay from Canada in rich of trace elements and minerals, have strong absorption and infiltration, ca absorb excess sebum ad remove aging cuticle through massaging, improve skin elasticities and luster while clearning skin, leaves skin soft and smooth.
*Dead skin is building up, I cant wait to try this! >__<*

Eleanor Nail Enamel ENPO35

Eleanor Nail Enamel in ENPO03 rm6.90, after discounted rm5.51

Will post up a swatch soon =)

Last but not least..
Sasatinnie masks Rose Hip Oil & Pomegranate & Collagen

Sasatinnie mask rm4.90 each (promotion 4 pieces for rm10)  What a deal!

Rose Hip Oil mask for tightening and rejuvenating claimed to tighten skin and revive skin's rebound, enchance skin's defense, smooth wrinkles and prevent loosen of skin by Rose Hip Oil rich in vitamin C, empower skin's moisture holding ability by ECO rose Floral Water, promotes collagen generation by Pepha-Tight and reveal skin radiance and elasticity.

Pomegranate & Collagen mask for lifting claimed to improve suppleness and elasticity, enriched with Pomegranate extract, Hydrolyzed Collagen and ECO Licorice extracts, delay skin aging with Pomegratate rich in vitamin C, lift up and tighten skin with collagen, ECO Licorice extract protects skin cells from damaging and reveals skin's vitality and resilience.

All the product information are extracted from their packaging.

Good9zzz everyone! =D

I'm not paid for ads them, all the products is bought with my own money.

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  1. Hi.... may I know what is the shop name and which floor is it at midvalley that you bought the eleanor rose? Appreciate if you could let me cos I'm looking for that brand for ages..... thanks