pink cloud/lace nails -inspired by Nailside ❤

Today while watching Grimm's Snow White, I did my nails too!

I use my new Elianto nail polishes in S08 & S12 to do this cloud nails, which is inspired by Nailside.
She showed a tutorial on how to make this simple cloud design ^_^

I did some adjustment for this cloud design, I used TheFaceShop  -  nail dot pen。to draw the line instead of 2 layers cloud. 

This look like a lace for me. heheh..

Indoor lighting

Outdoor lighting

With flash on

Sit beside window 
Nails polishes I used for this design
I'd like to introduce these 2 adorable colours from Elianto in S08.  
It's look purplish yam, so soft and most important is make my skin look fairer too! muahahha

Here is the swatch for S08  

Photo taken beside a window

With flash On
Isn't it lovely?? hehhe
That's all for today.
Have a nice day ❤  


  1. very nice dearie.....Lovely and so perfect :)

  2. So pretty! How much did you buy the pen for

    1. Thanks Isabel ^^
      I don't remember the price, i think is around rm10+/-