A New Chapter of Life

Ahh, How time flies. 3 years pass by in a jiffy... It felt as though yesterday was the first day of Uni . 
was 20 at that time. and it was the first time in my life being away from home.
unlike some who attends uni near their home
mine was way up north. 
the journey by bus takes about 8 hour, by plane 45 minutes, and by car 6 hours.
imagine all those mixed feeling when i was forced to come out from my comfort zone from the safety shelter of home in to some foreign place. 
It was hard at first , but gradually i learnt how to get use to the slow mundane lifestyle up there. 
most of my parents friends joked saying that it's good that i was posted in the north, it's a confirmed degree cert without having to resit paper several times
ZZZ.... not because it's easy to pass the exam but merely because in the north there isn't much entertainment like cinema and malls around to distract me from my studies
and also it can help teach me how to be more independent 
Well obviously they have underestimate the determination of a young adult who is on the quest to seek for enjoyment and fun.
It is true that there isn't much around the town I posted to. but somehow we manage to find alternative 
you know like taking a 45 minute ferry ride into Langkawi with friends to have a couple of drinks just because it's a Duty Free Zone.
then another hour ride and we are already in the Thai boarder getting ready to enter into Hat Yai 
No passport? NO PROBLEM ! 
We'll just apply for a group pass and we will be there in no time. hahaha
The crave for fast food like Mc Donalds and mid night movie made us all willing to even rent a car and drive ourselves all the way to another town just to get what we want. 
and it's during my Uni years that I actually spent a lot of my semester break time travelling around the northern region. 
Believe it or not , I had a crazy time of my life in uni... 
owh and you know what I have evening morning walks in the paddy field where cows and goats are released freely to roam. How cool is that?
of course I am not saying life was a bed of roses and all I had was fun and nothing else...
like the rest of the people who attended uni , I have my shitty moments as well 
What sort:? well you know the usual...
Assignments, project, Mid term, Quizzes, finals, Dissertation writing... 
I also met shitty people like you know the ones who back stab, badmouth, fakers and whatever you name and call it.
Overall Uni had given me lots of bitter sweet memory which I will never forget till the day well, till the day Alzheimer hits me, touch wood touch wood...
I learnt a lot during my 3 years in uni, 
I learnt to wash my own clothes and plates, how to be responsible
how to not simply speak in case it hurt people, how to be away of those wolf in sheep skin, how to manage my time and be punctual and well the list goes on. 

I also found my first love here. heheh... 
It's sad that when I finally started to enjoy my uni life, It came to an end.
my housemates and I are like sisters we share almost everything
I really want to take this opportunity to thank my parents for their support love and prayer throughout my educational life
I want to thank all the lecturers who thought me
My friends and housemates who have been amazing, who made my uni life colourful
.... The day when I had to move out from my hostel was emotional
No didn't cry but I felt sad for some reason...
Instead I was afraid to come back to KL because I know coming back would meant that I have to face reality, like you know getting a job paying off my student loan and paying tax all that responsibility which I  have to bear and no longer able to live a carefree life.
But what can I say life must go on. I don't know whats ahead of me. But I believe that God will guide me step by step . 
below are some pictures, give you a glimpse on how the northern region looked like... Enjoy ! =) 

My first calligraphy ! I wrote it myself during the exchange cultural event at Uni !

Paddy Field !

You can walk through it... beware of snakes and rats though ! =)

The bus which fetch us to classes
Thats my hostel apartment right there at the corner right

more paddy field 

 Sunset by the Fishing villege

The view from my hostel's veranda

The kittens who stays outside my house

The river and my Hostel !