Chocolate Coated Strawberries

Feeling a bit bored today. 
Pretty much gave myself a break from some task which I am currently on. 
So I went to Giant Hypermarket with my mom after my haircut at Tesco. 
Then I saw the strawberries laying there as though shouting out to me 
as though asking me to bring them back home to be eaten ahaha...
I'm not a great cook but from from time to time I love experimenting .
Anyway, I suddenly have this idea of making 
Chocolate Coated Strawberries.
I know there are many different types of recipe out there but this is what I do all the time.
It is simple and it's easy and most importantly FAST !
Well the ingredients are really simple. 
All you need is a box of strawberries 
Mine is from Driscoll's  
and a bar of Cadbury Chocolate Milk Bar.. 
Add up the total cost for my ingredient is RM19.90
 Owh and remember to have a piece of wax paper ready and some Vegetable oil . Just a couple drops of it. 

You do not have to follow the exact brand which I am using . 
You can use whatever brand of Strawberry which you can get your hands on.
You can even substitute the chocolate bar with those Semi-sweet chocolate melt chips.
You ca use dark chocolate or milk chocolate, about anything to your liking. 
I so happen to not have those chocolate melt chips so I use this. 
So first thing you want to do is of course wash your strawberries. 
Always remember to wash them
Reason for this is to check if there is any defects to the strawberry or any unwanted sand or stuff in it . I mean hey you never know right. 

After you washed them. 
Remember , this is a very important step. 
You have to make sure that you towel dry each and every one of them
Now the reason for this is to make sure that the surface of the strawberry is dry and therefore easy for the chocolate to stick to it. 
make sure the leaves of the strawberries are still attached

Now you can temporarily place the strawberries aside and then go prepare the melted chocolate. 
Unwrap the whole bar of of chocolate 
You basically don't need to use the whole bar of it. 
It all is depending on the number off strawberries you wanted to coat
mine left about a quarter 
So you break down the chocolate into pieces 
You don't have to add in other ingredients already to get that chocolatey taste
You only need to add a few drops of vegetable oil or even sunflower oil. Ones that have no strong smell to it
The reason for this is to help achieve the professional glazed look
when the chocolate is coated to the strawberry

Then Place the bowl on top of a saucepan to make it a double boiler
Double boiler means that you have water in the saucepan then bring it to a boil them slow down on the temperature 
and then you place a ceramic bowl on top of it 
It is important that the bowl do not hit the boiling water below, or else it will be burnt. 
Also do not leave the chocolate melting there unattended or else it will get burnt 
so continue stirring until everything melts 

Carefully by using a pair of mittens remove it and place it on the table. 
lay down the wax paper on a tray 
or like for my case I skipped the wax paper part coz i'm the one eating it so no need for presentation. 
Now you can start coating your strawberries
The easiest method is to hold the Strawberries by the leaves with all 5 fingers and then you tilt the bowl to one side and start coating them one by one.
Place them on the tray or plate and make sure you leave room in between each strawberry 
at the end you will get something like so
 can you see how glazed looking they are? 

You should then refrigerate it for about say 30 minutes. 
remember to use to use wax paper to lay them after you coat them... else you will have a hard time removing it .. I just had my share of 
chocolate coated strawberry . no it didn't crack and taste yummy sweet with a slight sourish from the strawberry. 
My mom and sister also said it's yummy..
Try it and then tell me how it goes... =)

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