Amazing work by toothpaste!

Blame myself for lazy and skipped applying base coat before a Blue Splash in number 29 nail polish from Elianto.

Indeed it's a very beautiful and highly pigmented blue that very stant out and give my skin look fairer.
But when removing the nail polish, my heart skip a beat when saw how badly my nails stained. =(

Last time I watch some clips in Youtube methods to clean stained nails by using Polident. I tried it and it work good to remove stains. However, it made my nails weak. (I assume, as tips of my nails colour faded into semi-transparent colour) 

So this time I tried to use Fresh & White toothpaste to brush my nails. 

Let's go to pictures =) 

Things need only an old toothbrush & toothpaste + water mixture solution.

(Before) Right hand: See how badly the stains are?? =(

(After) Right hand: Clean clean! happy~ =D

(After) Left hand is happy too! =D
Just a small tips to share! 
Hope this is useful for you. 
Love, ❤


  1. Oh shit that stain is bad! I tried toothpaste to remove kunyit stain but that didnt work =(

  2. Kunyit? isn't that to make curry?? I didn't try that before though.
    Hahaha yeah, that stain look more terrible in real, but after 3 brushes look good again. =)