SkinCare DIY Oat Mask 保养 麦片 面膜

Have a dry & sensitive skin problem?
Does your skin looks dull?
Suffering from ance problem?

Here I have an effective and easy way to help improve these problems!
DIY Oat mask! 

Any oat can be use for this mask, I recommend to use organic oat as it is safer and gentler for sensitive skin.

I got some facts on how beneficial oat to our skin from Hilda that I would like to share~ ❤

1. Oat have amazing anti-inflammation properties that work gently on every skin type, even for sensitive skin.
Comment: Work great for me, btw, I'm combination skin. heheh

2. Oat contains a cleasing agent known as saponin can be used as a mild face cleanser.
Comment: Yes, in fact, I used oat to clean my face every morning instead of regular face cleanser. 

3. Oat acts as a moisturizer and a gentle exfoliator.
Comment: Thumbs up for Oat! My skin feel so soft and smooth after used it! Look brighter too when I used it as scrub. 

4. Oat can help to reduce skin problems such as rashes, acne, and eczema.
Comment: Doesn't have such problems to test. Thank God. 

5. Oat can help relieve symptoms of aging.
Comment: I been using oat 2 weeks, noticing the wrinkles around my eyes is reducing. so, it's work! Haha~ 

Ps: I also found that oat mask can help minimize pores size! ^_^ 

Okay! Let's get into the main point!

1. Get your favourite oatmeal & take a small amount in a container.

Certified organic oats - instant baby oat from Country Farm Organics Mart Ptd Ltd

Have safety and quality certification: Organic (ICEA Italy), HACCP, GMP and HALAL

2. Add water into the container (oat:water ratio 1:3) and mix them well until the liquid become milky colour.

I using a pudding cup ^_^

Milky~ smell good

3. Take a cotton pad and divided it into 3 pieces.

Or you can just use 1 cotton pad. It's optinal

4. Put the milky liquid onto the cotton pad throughoutly.

Place them on palm

Add oat liquid on them and gently squeeze so that they are evenly distributed

5. Put those cotton pad on a clean face for 15 minutes then remove them.

Start the the center of face. They smell so good, I want to eat them. >_<

Then the whole face. Yii~ Look scary. Just hang on for couple of minutes, healthy and beautiful skin is waiting ahead!

6. Don't waste the remaining! Take the extra liquid and the oat gently scrub on face and neck area for exfoliation.

Rub rub rub. all dead cell go away~

7. Okay, Now wash the face with clean water and continue with basic skincare routine.

Soft soft, hehehhe I love this awesome humble creature of God!

Remember, Rome is not build in one day. Continue to do this for few days so you can see the result and feel the differences!

Goodbye and Take care =)

I did not edit the colour or any of the pictures, just watermark them. =)