Peach marble nail

My university's chancellor's father's birthday today! 
Happy birthday to him! 
Yay because of you I gt a holidayyyyyy~ Wee~~

(May 17 is Raja Perlis's birthday, hence, we gt a public holiday ^_^)

I am always amazed by marble art and it's actually on my to-do-nails list. 
So I decided to try it.

I mixed TheFaceShop RD301 and white nail polish together. 
(orange + white = peach)
Then paint them randomly on nail by using flat brush.

I am happy for the outcome =D

Here is some pictures: 

Products used, practising paper and final result, with no light on.

With indoor light

Towel as my background and outdoor light give surprising result soft pink color.

With flash light
Okay, that's all I want to share with you guys today!
Feel free to check out Beautiful Thhings (page) for more interesting stuffs ya~ 
Have a nice day ❤