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It's 1.02 a.m and I'm still wide awake. Caffeine in my blood system. Sleep deprived... Puffy eyes , massive weight loss due to the wrong timing of meals (bad bad </3 ), dead lines coming and finals is just around the corner. But it's okay occasional stress is good for us. At least it is better to have things to do than non
e at all... and hey this is how a students life should be right? The occasional last minute job is okay... heheh at least if people were to ask "why so last minute" you can just tell them "dude, i have a life?"

So to help battle away my puffy dark eye bags, I use Inglot under eye corrective illuminator in number 53 priced at RM76, very reasonably priced if you ask me, good quality as well. =) it works like magic ! owh and make sure you use moisturizer first before you apply your foundation and then the concealer...The product looks like a click, I use one click for each eye.

AND their sales assistant is also very friendly. You can just walk in walk to them ask them questions sit on the make up chair try on various products and then walk out not buying anything and they wont show you that bitchy face heheh (they may be bitching about me behind my back at least they don't do it to my face )... But if you were to buy something from them it would be better. =) their purple-ish coloured tiny paper bag with the Inglot logo is sooo cute i tell you.

I normally don't really fancy using liquid foundation (unless it's a very important event and first impression is vital) as I felt like it's a tad bit too heavy and considering the hot humid weather here up north (i learn we share the same climate as Thailand because we are near the border, any idea?) so i use powder foundation instead. But guess what the product works just fine. I first cleanse and moisturize my face , and then i use the Inglot Under Eye Corrective Illuminator and then finish off with Maybeline Clear Smooth Extra foundation powder. Throughout the day with my trusted retractable brush by Ecotools which i carries around with me in my makeup pouch I would use my M.A.C blotting powder to battle off the shine on my face.

I choose to use Maybeline Clear Smooth Extra in Nude Beige as my daily powder foundation because the price is reasonable (still a student, what do you expect =) . It's easily available (at any drugstore), it suite my skin tone just well and most importantly is that it doesnt give me any irritation =) heheh so double thumbs up... You can click on the picture album to view the pictures ! of the products mentioned. Take care, God Bless =)