Vaseline Review

Guest Blogger !!!!! Following post is solely on personal opinion. Please take note that the blogger is not paid to post and product is purchased by guest blogger herself.
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There is this beauty essential product which I have been really loving lately... What is it you're asking? well it is none other than Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. Why Petroleum Jelly well it is because one can use this product for various difference purpose. You know the usual dry skin, chapped lips etc. 

I never had the tendency to bring around a a tube of lipgloss let alone a small bottle of Petroleum Jelly. but it is my friend Lei Mun who influenced me to bring one around. hahaha.. It all started when I actually developed this weird hives also known as urticaria on my skin round my body. (apparently hives can be caused by various different reason like allergic to certain food, drug , changes in weather and season and many more ).

It took me almost like a whole year to find out what I'm allergic to and believe it or not I'm not exactly sure of it 100 % hahaha..I never had this sort of problem till I shifted to a new apartment. anyway, whenever the hives appear on my skin, my skin would naturally swell up and then you can see spots developing in all shapes and sizes after that it'll be red and itchy and when you scratch more well more spots would appear on your me it's ugly... I looked like a walking's pattern is like, you staring in the microscope looking at bacteria of different shapes. Being a vain lady as I am, it's really heart breaking, I was so scared that it would be there like a permanent mark !. Some smarty pants told my mother that "my blood is dirty" I know right... blood dirty? lol...

Anyway I tried different methods The herbal medicinal bath didn't exactly help cure me. It only help ease the itchiness as I allow my whole body to soak in it. hehehe.. Though I have to admit I quite like soaking in the herbal bath thingy. makes me feel special lol.. I also consulted 2 different skin specialist and spent almost RM400 each ... Didn't work... Each time I visit the specialist it felt like Christmas has come early. I'll exit the hospital with bags and bags of medication hahaha...

Long story short, I finally found my solution when my friend Lei Mun borrowed me her bottle of Petroleum Jelly to apply on my skin whenever this hives appear on my skin.. It's like magic, instant relieve. I don't feel itchy therefore I didn't bother to scratch and thus resulting the hives to leave me almost instantly. I tried on other hand cream body lotion product but none work as well as the Petroleum Jelly.

It was like love at first sight... I decided to buy one bottle for my own and now I bring it with me anywhere and everywhere I go.. as I refuse to take in strong medication to to help relieve the hives.(I do carry a strip of medication with me wherever I go though just in case it gets worst ) =)...

NO DOUBLE DIPPING is my policy. so i double up it as my lip balm and apply it on my skin whenever I felt like it is screaming for some moisturizing. Now I have nice smooth lips and skin as well as a solution to 'tame' my hives heheh... Images on my Hives will not be posted but feel free to Google the images.

Thank you for reading ... Have a nice day ahead... =)