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Not long ago Angeline very kind to give me a nail patch/sticker from Female magazine. ^_^

foc limited edition nail stickers from Female *yay!*

After I pampered myself a mani & pedi treatment, I decided to give my nails a new dress! heheh
This is my first time use this. So excited! >_<

Here is the way how I apply them =3
I'm using Ecotools nail file, Female nail sticker and Essence fast drying topcoat.

Get all stuffs ready!
Nail file, nail sticker, and a topcoat
First, ready your nails!
Buff the surface of nails to remove shine, this can help sticker to stay longer.
I already did one on my pinky =3
Then measure and choose the right size.
If the nail do not fit in the size, always go for bigger size. You can trim it down until it's suit urs.
choose slightly bigger size
Take it out gently.
I using my fingers to take it out. For more convenient, use a hair dryer to warm it. This will make it easier to take out.
gently take it out... like this..
Placing the curve line to the bottom of nail bed.
curve line at the bottom, straight line at the tips of nails
Gently press down middle part from bottom to the tips, then from middle to left and right.
Using a nail file to press on any bubble area.
You want to make sure the surface of nail sticker smooth without bump. =)

Make sure it's smooth surface
Press the excess downward.
do like this..
Next, file the excess nail sticker away~
file it in up-down motion to remove excess, then left-right one way to smooth out the edges.
Lastly, apply a top coat!
essence top coat is my new fav ❤

now they all get dressed! n_n

Btw, check out my page here!
Have fun~ =D