Skin care -egg mask 保养-鸡蛋面膜

cute egg painting
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Hee! it's being awhile i MIA from blogger.
i being busy for my PBL and midterm test.
finally i finished the last paper yesterday, Woots for holiday~ YAY~

today i like to share a well-known skin care mask - EGG mask!
i tried this masks twice in a week and showed great result on my skin. =)
eggs not only well known for their delicious taste in cooking, but also a good ingredients for skin care remedy!

here is some basic nutrition facts of egg:
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let's get start with egg yolk.

egg yolk rich in fats did amazing work for moisturizing my skin after i bad lifesytle during exam week.

1st     separate the egg yolk with egg white into different bowls or containers.
2nd    beat the egg yolk until it bubbled
3rd     add some natural organic honey for enchancing the moisturizing effects (optional)
4th     blend blend blend & apply on skin gently using cotton ball/ brush etc
5th     wait for few minutes until it dries
6th     wash off & the skin look soft, moisturized, smooth and happy ^_~

after egg yolk treat on skin, don't forget about the egg white too!

egg white rich in proteins, iron, calcium and vitamins that can do wonders on skin!
it can tighten skin, minimising pores, lift up and firming, and improve skin complexion.
after moisturizing skin,

1st     beat the egg white until it bubbled
2nd    apply on skin
3rd     wait few minutes until it dry
4th     peer off/ wash clean

Voila~ now the skin even happier it not only hydarted but also with better condition!

** be careful not to let any of egg get into eyes. >_<

okay~ that's all.
Going to enjoy holiday lu! Chiao~