Beautiful Things ~

Vee ~~ Finally we launch our page!

Beautiful Things

This page created by my friend, Angeline and I to share our affection towards comestic, nails, homemade accessories and random cute stuffs!


Here is some introduction about Beautiful Things. =]

This page belongs to 2 aspiring young female who have known one another since the first day of their college years.Lemon is third year Bio-processing Engineering student while Angeline is a final year student of International Business course. People often say ' birds of a feather, flock together'. Therefore the best way to describe ourselves are bubbly, random and adventurous. Oh ! we also love to... try on new stuffs as well. =)

we both have similar interest which is mainly in nail art, cosmetic and DIY projects as well as anything pretty that's eye catching. Considering the fact the both of us are still students products used here consist of drugstore products to high end products which can be purchased easily anywhere around Malaysia. This page serves as a medium to help us share our creation as well as hosting discussions that would allow female to exchange thoughts about just anything.

We love cosmetics, nail art and DIY crafts.
our main objective is to share our passion with everyone else and at the same time looking for an opportunity to understand better what other females think about the products and design which we have re-created or come up with.
Services are offered and DIY products can be purchased.


Feel free to drop by here and share your favourite babies with us too! ^_~