doreamon world 2012

i not really a fans of Doreamon but eh.. i want to get the Doreamon touch & go card.. * yes i'm cheap lol*

so, i went up to Genting Highland Arena of Star with my friends Angeline, sookpoh n leong gor.

giant Doreamon welcome us at entrance ! 
Angeline n me =D

Doreamon touch n go card!
happily showing our tickects!

sookpoh with her new tng card

this is angeline so gan jiong to get this till cannot sleep on night before we go LOL


sand art: angeline (left), mine (right)
*LOL, i so not talent in art XD*
we are the only 2 adults there plaing with kids hahhaha

going to school!

sookpoh n introductin of doreamon

angeline with nobita. both wearing spec O_o

Nobita room! doreamon n doremi

sookpoh in rich man house

doreamon inviting u ride on time machine

trying to do girly pose

sookpoh with doremi.
"what gadget u want to give me??"

sticker to take picture with doreamon!

iyeh, fashion with doreamon background:
dark blue scarf, grey bag and sharp red pants!

LOL, i'm grey !

we got the take photo with Doreamon & other characters on stage ! *happy~~*

合照!sizuka, me, nobita, angeline, doreamon, sookpoh, sunyo, leong gor & giant!
*i hope i spell their name right hahahha*
Okay, that's it! It's was fun! hehehe... Doreamon so cute now i understand why ppl love them! so adorable <3