yogurt mask

I did some researches on Yogurt, learned and experienced the amazing instant effects on how yogurt change and enhance my skin condition.
*which is super bad, pimples, pigmentation and uneven skin tone =(*

Yogurt contain lactic acid and enzyme that can smoothen and hydrating the skin, giving a soft and smooth skin after application.
It can moisturize your skin, minimize pore, give healthy and radiant glowing skin.
*based on resources and my experiences*

Pratically, it did what it claims to be.
I very happy about the result and applying them twice a week. *or whenever I free*

so, here is what I do:

1.) Grab a yogurt from store.
     *preferably plain yogurt*

2.) Shake well and apply on face and neck area.
     *yeah.. i apply all over my body during shower.*

3.) Leave for 20 minutes and gently wash them off. =)
     *massage~ massage~*

4.) Pat dry, and continue iwit daily skincare routine.
     *mine just toner, i depending too much on masks though*

now skin feel so refreshing, smooth and soft~~ and look healthy!

my results:
  • minimize pores: yes, abit..
  • moisture: definitely
  • soft & smooth: YES!
  • radiant glow skin: yes, certain days *when i exfoliated my skin before application. haha*

Product I used:

Brand i choose ^_^